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Wedding Photography Los Coyotes Country Club Buena Park

Teri and Greg got married at the Orange County Buddhist Church, a very beautiful and ornate setting for the ceremony. This was my first time shooting a Buddhist wedding - a great opportunity to witness something different is always a bonus! I was fortunate to shoot again with my assistant Sean, who as always did a great job. The reception took place at the Los Coyotes Country Club, a beautiful private golf club in Buena Park. The setting was gorgeous and I would have been content shooting there all day! Here are some of my images (see the slideshow)

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Wedding Photography Summit House Fullerton

Here is Melissa and Jay's wedding (see slideshow!) to kick off 2006. This was a really fun and special wedding, as they're friends from church and I know Melissa's family and relatives. It was a little different to shoot a wedding where I knew most of the people, but it was definately exciting. I was fortunate to have Sam assist - he got some great shots, which are included in the slideshow. The reception was at Summit House, Fullerton (hey I was just there last week!) and they put on a really awesome performance of Filipino cultural dances. So check the slideshow!

And just in case you missed the bridal session we did at the UCLA Japanese Gardens, here is that slideshow. Enjoy!
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Wow! I'm getting a free iPod

OK, so I'm jumping on the bandwagon to get the free iPod. I did a little bit of research and found that all the cases proved it to be true - that one can get the video iPod for FREE. What's the catch? You have to sign up for one of the advertising offers - an example is the blockbuster trial membership for $9.99/month. But after the first month you can cancel it. Then you have to get 5 people to sign up and do the same. And that's it. You get the iPod sent to you. Check it out for your self.
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or check out the people who have received theirs
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