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shirt.woot! shirt of the day October 01
DBT shirt.woot entry
Shirt.Woot! is a pretty unique site that sells a different shirt design everyday. Shirts are still available after the first day (if not sold out) but the price goes up. They also have a design competition and a really good community. Click here to check out my entry (pictured at bottom), and if you have bought from any of the woot sites before you can vote for it if you like it :)

sale times

Just a quick sales update... not posting a picture though, that's so my t-shirt is still at the top and you'll all go and buy it. And let's face it, at $15 who wouldn't :)

40% off at MoreTvicar code "HOTDEAL" 'til 2 October.
1/2 price sale at Imperfect Articles 'til 2 October (price will be reduced at checkout).
25% off sale at 2x4 'til around 2 weeks from today.

Concrete Hermit Shop/Studio/Gallery

Betty Ford t-shirt by JuJu's Delivery for Concrete Hermit
Concrete Hermit, who have been bringing us great tshirts, art, books and more for a while now have opened a shop/studio/gallery at 5a Club Row London. To kick it all off they are having an exhibition and book launch by frequent Concrete Hermit collaborator Ian Stevenson. The exhibition is on from the 5th to the 21'st of October (for more info see their site).

Also, there is a new Concrete Hermit t-shirt out by Berlin based JuJu's Delivery called Betty Ford.


2x4 t-shirts - on sale now
I mentioned the radness that is 2x4 tshirts before, but now they are having a sale. Get 25% off everything, but it only goes for two weeks. Do the sums, this is good.

The Affair

T-shirts by The Affair
Muslim Jesus T-shirt by The Affair
MiniLuv T-shirt by The Affair

Express your literary intellectualism! Represent your stance on social acceptance! The Affair is yet another start up label, and at first glance their tshirts just look like... well, really cool tshirts. Look a little bit harder though, and you will see that they are actually inspired by topics of substance, and convey a good deal of social commentary. Ok, they only have two shirts at the moment, but they sure are nice. And if you're of the nerdier persuasion and find cool web design more impressive than cool shirt design, check out their website anyway - it's pretty freakin good.

As seen on: Lost At E Minor

Light Exploration, part I

We're into the sixth week of my wedding photography class in Cypress College already! Time flew by so fast - that's because we're having that much fun right?! My students' first hands-on photo shoot was a blast and we got to practice shooting in low light situations all over campus. Topic: Exploring Light. We walked around campus experimenting with low light situations, using video light, ambient light, and various background elements.

Here's a group shot taken (a la timer) by Romina:

blatant self promotion

Yup it's another crazy-ass tee by yours truly, commissioned by the fantabulous shirt.woot! Go there immediately to (a) complain about it being white and/or too busy, or (b) to actually buy one.
Nah, just kidding. You're alright :)

From: shirt.woot!
For: US$15

TEE TEST: Lamstok

Banana t-shirt by Lamstok
Banana t-shirt by Lamstok

You may have seen Lamstok already if you check out some of the other tshirt blogs. Well they contacted me too, and because I have a big desire to help out Australian designers, and an even bigger desire to own really cool tshirts, I hit 'em up for a tshirt to review. How would this newborn label fair? Well the tshirt, and the results, are in.

What can I say....? Lamstok dominates. They pretty much do everything right. In fact, Lamstok could be used as the manual for how do start a successful label.

1. Cool designs. The designs, such as the banana they sent me, are cool, quirky and unique.

2. Quality. American Apparel tshirt (I'm not necessarily promoting them but they have a good reutation and fit so well), quality printing, swing tag and packaging.

3. Well promoted. Get your stuff out there and if it is cool enough, and you are nice enough, every tshirt blog under the sun will be giving you free promo.

4. Good website. I cannot stress how important this is. The shopping experience should reflect the mood of your brand and be easy to navigate. A good website encourages buyer confidence too, while a bad website makes people think you may be a bit dodgy. Right?

5. Little extras. How sweet is it when you get a badge or a stylin' sticker or something for free? Lamstok packaged this shirt in a pretty nifty printed zip-lock bag. Now my sandwiches look shit-hot too.

Ok ok, so Lamstok gets a tick in every box. This shirt is great. It's original, well made and fits great. I wore it to a party on the weekend where I knew hardly anyone and had 4 random strangers comment on the shirt, which I think is a sign that they've done the job well. The rest of the range is awesome too and each shirt comes in a range of colours. Things are looking good.

RRP: $45 (Australian)

Want your shirt reviewed? Get free publicity and a link in our tshirt stores section. Email deathbytshirt@gmail.com

chop shop real life review

We all like to be cool. I am cool, so I don't need to worry about it, but I understand that it is important to others. One of the best ways to look cool, irrespective of circumstance, is to appear 'old school'.
Instantly recognisable by true nerds everywhere, TRON is cool. If you haven't seen it, SEE IT! a 1981 scifi movie about people going inside computers where everybody wears spandex body suits and glows in the dark. This t-shirt actually GLOWS IN THE DARK! It glows in the fucking dark!
Anyway, back to my point... As soon as anybody asks about this t-shirt you can say "You've never seen Tron?" and BLAMO!!!!! you are instantly old school. Instant gratification.
Now i have to say this, and I know I have written about a couple of shirts that I think are really cool, but this shirt is the FUCKING COOLEST! I get all giggly when I think about it. And I know this blog is turning into a bit of a Chop Shop love fest, having just posted about the second in this series, but they are just doing really super stuff. They deserve.


Advantages: Sweet.
Disadvantages: Have to buy the sequel tee.
Buy it from: Chop Shop
Get out your wallets: US$20
In stock: man: S-L
Model models: Man L
Review by: ThomP

Commune Tshirts 2007

Commune T-shirtCommune T-shirt
Commune T-shirtCommune T-shirt
Commune T-shirtCommune T-shirt

These days productivity is key. Although the digital age promised a reduction in human workload and more time for leisure, we now work, on average, more hours a day then anyone in the last 100 years. As a result many of us end up working several jobs, participating in assorted projects and squeezing our recreational pastimes in between. Labels release new lines of clothing every season, month or even week as time pressed customers vacate the pavements and hit the internet for a massive selection and to save precious minutes.

But there are exceptions. New Zealand label Commune releases only one series of tshirts per year, so when they do we get excited. Sure Commune founder Jeremy Bennett knows as well as anyone the stresses of multi-tasking, splitting his time between Commune and fulltime employment for architectural firm JASMAX. But when your label puts out stunning shirts by top artisits such as Catalina Estrada, Adam Cruickshank, Josh Gajownik and Ronald Kurniawan I guess you only need to release new stuff once a year.

Now if only I could get away with writing only one blog entry per year...

Tshirt Flipbook

I was just checking out the HipHipUK thsirt blog (as I do) and saw this neat little video. In the age of digital everything it's pretty cool to see the iron, ruler and projector getting a run.

gift man in the face

Aww, poor wittle ting!

Stuff: Unicorn Burger
Things: US$20

Latest Threadless Releases

 La Gran Reunión t-shirt by Matheus Lopes Castro on Threadless
Northern Ice Pilot t-shirt by Ryan Lin on Threadless
Some great new shirts out at Threadless this week. My pick of the bunch would be La Gran Reunión (top) by Matheus Lopes Castro (whose portfolio is spectacular and definitely worth a quick peek), and the mystical Northern Ice Pilot (bottom) by Ryan Lin. Get in quick before they sell out. There are five more new shirts to take a look at, and if you want to get $3 off your order click here and use the coupon code rubberdanpants at checkout. Sweeeet.

uneetee sale

Uneetee may seem damn confusing from the outside, but trust me - after reading all their info and FAQs - it still is. Nevertheless, it sells an awful lot of great tees and is currently having a free shipping sale for a week (50% off for internationals - damn you oceans!).

Wedding Photography Queen Mary Long Beach

Luz and Jeffrey planned their wedding on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. I was excited about this because there are so many places to shoot with interesting backgrounds and we wanted to try a sort of "Titanic" theme to it. Luz is actually a good friend of ours, so this day was extra special! A lot of our mutual friends were there too. And it was Tim's "maiden voyage" as principal shooter for Bumatay Studio! I really enjoyed being the second shooter for this one:

Click here for their preview slideshow - I wanted to use the Theme from Titanic music so bad, but that was a sad movie so I ended up using one of my favorite love songs from Josh Groban's Closer album (I also thought it worth it to post the song translation - click here)
Tags: Wedding photography on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Long Beach wedding photographer, Queen Mary wedding pictures

mah undies!

From: Cotton Factory
From: US$15.99

Paths 2 // ISO50

Paths 2 t-shirt by Iso50
Iso50 (aka Scott Hansen) has released a beautiful new version of his Paths tshirt, aptly named Paths 2. Perhaps even more exciting is his new blog-like website. This definitely gets my vote for one of the best looking new sites I've seen lately, especially in the often cluttered blog format (as my site may demonstrate...) If you're not already familiar with Scott's awesome work you have to check it out, and if you are familiar with his old site, well, you have to check it out. Get my point??

Wedding Photography Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach

Clara and Lee's wedding was to take place at St. Denis in Diamond Bar where day began with some light showers and dark clouds. As I waited for my special guest shooter Marianne Lozano, I checked the latest weather report on my iPhone. It was forecasted to rain all day this Saturday, but I wasn't worried at all. After all, I went 7 for 7 last year on Saturdays that were forecasted to rain - it would always clear up for me during my photo shoots. Now I can say I'm 8 for 8. As the day progressed, the clouds slowly disappeared and we had beautiful weather!

It's fun to shoot here because there's access to the balcony where you can see how large this church really is. From this vantage point I got plenty of great shots that show off it's beautiful architecture.

The release of the doves is always fun to watch!

Clara was such a naturally elegant bride - you can see how relaxed she is in all her portraits:

We continued Clara and Lee's bridal shoot at The Huntington Beach Hyatt Regency. There are so many great spots with exquisite lighting in this resort that make great backgrounds!

Click here to see more preview images in their wedding slideshow!

Clara and Lee Moscal wedding pictures at Saint Denis in Diamond Bar and reception at Huntington Beach Hyatt Resort. Orange County wedding photography, Diamond Bar wedding photography, Huntington Beach Hyatt Regency wedding photos

hi i gots your soul kthxbye

How awesome is this. If I was a robot-tank hybrid I'd want a man's soul in my bag too. Only, I'd want it with an apostrophe to indicate the man's ownership of said soul.

Froms: Super Superficial
Fors: £18.00

DBH - Seed, Luchador Mask Rejects and more

Mens Seed T-shirt from Design By Humans
Mens Luchador Mask Rejects T-shirt from Design By Humans

There are four great new tshirts available from Design By Humans, adding to their already awesome lineup. These tshirts offer just a bit more than your standard screen printed tshirts, making the most of specialised processes such as extra soft water-based inks, gloss and glow in the dark highlights and suede effects (such as the suede leaves on the "Seed" design above. "They must be expensive," I hear you wonder. Well, no, they aren't. Grab 'em now for only $19.

space invasion

This spiffing tee is new from Commune. I love it like little baby chickens.

Fromn: Commune
Forn: US$25

Prpl Nrpl

Prpl Nrpl t-shirts and onesies
Prpl Nrpl t-shirts and onesies
Prpl Nrpl t-shirts and onesies

Kids. Aren't they great? They eat and spew and burp and fart and crap and snot all the time. But they're just so damn cute and innocent no-one cares. In fact we even think they are all the cuter because of their limited control over what comes out of their assorted orifices. The crew over at Prpl Nrpl have decided to celebrate the bodily functions of little people (amongst other things) with their collection of onesies and tshirts. While this formula generally ends in lame and tacky kids apparel that is best suited to dodgy market stalls, Prpl Nrpl have successfully used clever puns and beautiful design to create this quality collection. And if you think it'd be funny to get around in a "I'll have the boob du jour please" tshirt, they are only available in baby sizes, thank goodness. Tshirt sizes are available for kids up to six, but boob related designs are tastefully omitted.
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