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giant yellow eye

That's one giant yellow iris you got there sonny jim.

From: Spectral Apparel
For: US$20

Additional bit: Our old buddies at Chop Shop have restocked their spiffing - and up til now sold out - Stripe Wars series. Buy them immediately.

Trick or Treat

Skull Pop t-shirt by Grammatik
Buy this. Happy Halloween.

Photo 104 with Joe Photo!

My students had no idea what a treat they were in for last week. We were graced with Joe Photo as our special guest speaker! He came to share his knowledge and how he got into doing wedding photography. He inspired everyone with his spectacular images, many of which were landscape photographs (he doesn't just take great wedding pictures!). Joe Photo kept the class entertained with his very animated style of speaking, and he went on to share everything from how he got his name, how he books clients, his shooting style, post process, and his stylish clothing. He also gave us invaluable insight in designing wedding photography packages. The students were just frantically taking notes! It was truly an amazing evening. THANKS Joe!!!

Here's Joe Photo with our class in action!

The Humans Keep Designing

Dead Pony T-shirt - Design By Humans
Welcome to Brazil t-shirt- Design By Humans
Ultimate T-shirt - Design By Humans

Design By Humans continues to release some of the freshest shirts on the net, with some seriously talented artists reveling in DBH's ability to use specialised print processes - and pay them fat wads of cash.

Plus, apparently for the next 20-something hours you can get 25% off using the promo code silversnow

jedi of the month

There weren't really that many Jedi (Jedii? Jedis?) in the running for this award towards the end, so I guess it goes to bloody Luke again. Rigged i tells ya.

From: Cotton Factory
From: US$15.99

What about the profits??

Ten Bills Tshirts - on sale now
Ten Bills are having a sale with tshirts from an insane $5 and hoodies from $10. Crazy right. But it only goes until Sunday. I think these guys might have missed a few classes at business school...

Jordan Atkinson

Jordan Atkinson Tshirt Vamp
Jordan Atkinson Tshirt Frankie

Jordan Atkinson makes me want to be an artist. His bold, musically influenced style is something to behold, and indeed many would agree with me judging by his impressive client list. If you can't shell out the required coin for a print why not opt for the useable - and affordable - alternative, a tshirt? These beauties are screenprinted on American Apparel Tshirts and pay homage to pop sensations from the past and present. Too freakin' awesome.

bugger arse

I'm loving Jason Sho Green' nifty illomastrations. My favouritest is the bears, but it's sold out. Bugger arse.

For: US$24
From: Jason Sho Green

Coast Long Beach Hotel Wedding Photography

Wai and Leandro's wedding was held at the Coast Long Beach Hotel overlooking the Queen Mary. The morning started of with a slight drizzle, and at times it even began to sprinkle. But of course, I wasn't worried - so far I've been 8 for 8 when it comes to the rain not coming down during a wedding when I'm the photographer. If the rain was forecasted this day, I guess that would make it 9 for 9! Lo and behold the skies cleared up and the sun peaked through the clouds just before the ceremony.

Wai and Leandro tearing up the dance floor as they TANGO!

And of course I have to show one of my favorite images:

More pics to be seen in their teaser slideshow! (Click here)
Search words: Wai and Leandro Reyes wedding at Coast Long Beach Hotel, CA.
Long Beach Wedding Photography, Los Angeles wedding photographers

raptor babies

My friends have babies and they're maniacs. Maniacs I tells you.

For: US$21
From: Quixotic

SALE NEWS: Dadadadaaaaa! Divine Clothing is having a Halloween sale, all tees US$15.99 with free shipping and Halloween goodies. Most of us don't celebrate Halloween here in Oz, and let me be the first to say that it's a damn weird thing to celebrate.

cheat tee

One for the maths exam kiddies.

From: Sanchez Circuit
From: US$25

TEE TEST: Custom Industries

Dragon t-shirt by Custom Industries
Dragon t-shirt detail by Custom Industries

Custom Industries is an interesting label, choosing to stay away from popular trends but instead creating a line that is influenced by artwork from many traditional cultures. The brand's aesthetic "reflects the quest for adventure and discovery of the obscure." And as someone who has been around the world a few times visiting over 45 countries on the way, Custom Industries founder Matt Taylor should be the right person to do the job.

The range from CI includes jackets, hoodies thermals and tank tops for guys and girls, as well as your everyday tshirt. Each is decorated by art from many different countries including China, Indonesia, Egypt and India, to name just a few.

Matt flicked me one of his new Dragon shirts to check out, and I'm happy to say that it gets a big, cheesey DBT thumbs up. The shirt is well made and the grey colour has just the slightest hint of lavender to it - not enough to decrease your masculinity, but just enough to be different. Also the exposed stitching - which I'm not usually a fan of - is really good quality and definitely suits this style, adding to the rugged global traveler feel. The quality of the screenprinting is great, with two tones of red adding depth to the illustration of the bad-ass dragon. (Am I allowed to say bad ass about a dragon?) To pop a cherry on top the material is nice and soft and the fit of this shirt is particularly good.

So if you want to express your love of the orient, wear a mean looking dragon, or pretend to look well travelled to impress a certain someone, then Custom Industries is the place to fulfill your culturally-influenced attire needs.

RRP: $30 (USD)

Want your shirt reviewed? Get free publicity and a link in our tshirt stores section. Email deathbytshirt@gmail.com


Pixelwolf PUNCH!

From: Das Monk
For: AU$45


The latest t-post is both mufty and awesome.

From: T-post
From: 22

Fall Semester Update

This semester is indeed flying by so fast - so far my wedding photography class has covered topics like creating a photo blog, history of wedding photography, photo equipment, understanding ISO, aperture, shutter speed, white balance, digital editing, various styles of wedding photography, using available light, posing, group photos, studio lighting, and an introduction to a digital workflow! I've assigned projects that explore different lighting situations.

Here's a slideshow created by one of my students, Lawrence Lau:

We've had a couple of excellent guest speakers. The first guest was Britney Alves, who came and shared her background and how she got into wedding photography. She also talked about the importance of differentiating yourself. She totally rocked with all her sample promo materials, presentation options, and custom albums! I'm just kicking myself that I didn't bring my camera to get some pictures.

Our second guest speaker was Miguel Pola who shared everything from how he books and interacts with his clients to how he customizes each wedding package. He was smart enough to bring his camera, so we got this cool group shot!

New Threadless

Starmen in Moon's Milk T-shirt from Threadless
Hello Dave T-shirt from Threadless
Where the Watermelons Grow T-shirt from Threadless
New World Order T-shirt from Threadless
Contrary to my little rant last week, I actually think Threadless have released some pretty cool shirts this week. Top of the list for me though is a reprint, Star Men in Moon's Milk (top) by the irrepresibly creative Christopher Buchholz. Star Men is one of my favourite Threadless shirts of all time, and I didn't buy it first time round so I'm stoked it's been re-released.

New shirts include Hello Dave by Robert Gould, Where The Watermelons Grow by Brian Walline and New World Order by Tony Aguero.

Of course there are more to view on the website. Check em out here and use the coupon code rubberdanpants at the checkout to get $3 off.

gtar hero

Yes, it's another Guitar Hero tee, but it's a great one. You'll all be sorry when it's on the next season of the IT Crowd.

From: Jinx
For: US$14.95

Ceerius Apparel is having a $10.31 sale, plus we have a spiffing good coupon code which will get you 10% off on top of that. And that code is 'funkyduds'.

Wedding Photography The Willows Palm Springs

Julie and Michael picked a gorgeous place to have their wedding and reception in Palm Springs. They booked the entire Willows Hotel and The O'Donnel House for their family and friends. How cool is that? This venue is quite a gem - it's literally an oasis in the desert which provided a great location for our photo shoot(s) and a nice view from every direction. I also have to mention the beautiful weather we were blessed with - it was warm throughout the day but as soon as the sun ducked behind the mountain it was like an instant "aaahhhhhhhhh". Here are a few of my favorite pictures from Julie and Michael's wedding ** click here to watch the teaser slideshow! **

Julie's gown, designed by Amy Kuschel

Check out the teaser slideshow!
Palm Springs wedding photos, photography and The Willows: Julie and Michael Williams wedding at The Willows in Palm Springs, CA.
Palm Springs wedding photographer, The Willows wedding pictures
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