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Joannah and John

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Tags: Joannah and John's wedding photography at Rancho Las Lomas, Orange County wedding photos, wedding pictures at Rancho Las Lomas, Silverado, Southern California
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I'm on holidays! TeeFury will feed you something new every day 'til my hasty return. And I will eventually get to all your emails. Word.

Joannah & John's Wedding at Rancho Las Lomas!

Joannah and John's wedding at Rancho Las Lomas was simply amazing! I loved the details that they incorporated into their wedding - gorgeous colors, the cake looked fabulous, and they had these really cool custom made M&Ms that had funny phrases (and an inside joke). Of course it also doesn't hurt when you're at a beautiful location like Rancho Las Lomas (now totally on top of my favorite places to shoot in OC).

Joannah has this gorgeous natural smile! = )

Joannah and her sisters (all four of them)

OK John "Travolta"! I can alomost hear the theme music to Saturday Night Fever...

Wedding Coordination: Jenny and Rachel of Exquisite Event Planners
Second Shooter: Stephanie Williams is awesome!!!
Tags: Joannah and John's wedding photos at Rancho Las Lomas
Orange County wedding photography, Rancho Las Lomas wedding pictures
Rancho Las Lomas in Silverado, Greg Bumatay

Ashley and Scott

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Tags: Ashley and Scott's wedding photography at St. Regis and Chart House in Dana Point, Orange County wedding photos, wedding pictures at the St Regis, Monarch Bay, Chart House Dana Point Harbor
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Micah and Mark

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Tags: Micah and Mark's wedding photography at Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach
Downtown Long Beach wedding photos, wedding pictures of The Aquarium

The Treasure Hunt

This semester at Cypress College blew by so fast! During one of my last shooting assignments, I had the students go out and find several items on campus - a chair, a plant, the Cypress College obelisk, and a book. They had to either find or come up with unique shots and perspectives while varying their compositions. The images they came up with were so cool! Here's a collage of the images that my students took:

In many ways photography is like a "treasure hunt". Every situation, environment, event, or subject can have a story that can be told by images taken of it. And there is always that gem of an image that will tell the story differently by the visual impact it creates. The collage above shows just a few (out of countless) different perspectives and possibilities that a simple object can have. You just have to look for it.

It was a pleasure to teach this semester. I'll be back at Cypress College next Fall in 2009 for the 104C Wedding Photography Class.

Tags: Cypress College Wedding Photography Class by Greg Bumatay, Photo 104C, Digital photography classes at Cypress College, Orange County Photography Courses, Fall Semester 2008, learn photography

Ashley & Scott's Wedding in Dana Point

There was a special place in Ashley's heart for the St. Regis Resort in Monarch Bay. It's where Scott surprised her by proposing to marry him. It's the same spot where Ashley would prepare for her special day. It's where they'll meet for the first time on their wedding. It's also one of my favorite places to shoot because of it's grandeur and gorgeous architecture.

The plan was to photograph their "first meeting" at the St. Regis but Ashley didn't know exactly how it was going to happen.

She thought we were still shooting her solo pictures when Scott snuck up on her from behind! She had the biggest shocked/smile on her face!

Their wedding ceremony and reception was held at the scenic Chart House Restaurant overlooking Dana Point Harbor where we were blessed with fair weather and clear blue skies.

Second Shooter: My friend David Baxter came all the way from SD - thanks bro, you're always awesome to shoot with!
Tags: Scott and Ashley's wedding pictures in Dana Point, St. Regis Monarch Bay Wedding Photos, Orange County wedding photography, Chart House in Dana Point, Dana Point Harbor

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Micah & Mark's Wedding at Aquarium of the Pacific

I'm catching up this week on my blog (finally!) starting with Micah and Mark's gorgeous wedding at Holy Family Catholic Church, then on to their picturesque reception at the Aquarium of the Pacific.  This place was truly spectacular!  Besides the giant aquariums, we had access to see all the different aquatic life displays, which we used for some of the photo shoot.

Here's one of my favorite shots of the night:  Micah and Mark at the Long Beach Pike:

Second Shooter: Robert Wegenek
Video Clip by Mon Villacorta 
Wedding Gown by Maggie Sotero
Tags: Micah and Mark's wedding pictures at Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach
Los Angeles Wedding Photography, Long Beach wedding photos, Long Beach Aquarium, CA

Kristen & Corey

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Tags: Kristen and Corey's wedding photography at Rancho Las Lomas
Wedding photos of Rancho Las Lomas in Orange County, CA
Wedding pictures or Rancho Las Lomas, Silverado
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The Model Riley

I've never really photographed a working professional model before, until I met Riley. He's so young yet very composed when getting his pictures taken. It's no wonder he regularly lands commercial modeling jobs for big companies such as Target and Disney. That's right, you'll find his face in print ads and online marketing campaigns. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

Meet Riley:

Tags: Riley's model photo shoot in Fullerton, CA at Hillcrest Park
Orange County Professional Photographer Greg Bumatay
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