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Je t'aime: Vintage illustrations from the 1940s and 1950s Depicting Amour

I simply adore vintage illustrations depicting love and happy couples (in advertisements mostly). They are a little cheesy, but so very romantic. Don't deny it, you know you've fantasized about being swept off your feet (wearing a gorgeous vintage dress, of course!) and being kissed as if you were in a TCM movie.

A snippet from the poem "Camomile Tea"
"We might be fifty, we might be five,
So snug, so compact, so wise are we!
Under the kitchen-table leg
My knee is pressing against his knee."

- Katherine Mansfield

Cheap Plus Size Evening Gowns

To Die For Tips For Plus Size Women

cheap-plus-size-evening-gownsNot all people are endowed with bodies that go well in evening gowns. Chances are, many women probably either look too skinny or too big in their evening dresses. Those who are skinny might solve their problem through the use of accessories and ensembles, but those who need to look lean certainly need to choose more careful ways to look best in their evening clothes. So if you are one of those who constantly find themselves wearing cheap plus size evening gowns, here are a few personal tips that might help you in choosing your dress.

Big women can play with color schemes to trim down their looks. When choosing plus size outfits, it is best to choose deep dark jewel tones, like black, rather than bold or pastel ones. Pastel and bold colors will highlight that extra weight you carry with you. Aside from that, the bold colors would catch the attention of people to your body and you certainly don't want to get those wide expanses noticed. Dark colors on the other hand would give an illusion of slimness.

If you want to wear something that is patterned, pick the diagonal stripes or vertical designs. The lines will thin out the bulk and the love handles you have. If on the other hand you want to go for printed plus size evening gowns, the size can be trimmed down by small or medium sized prints. Large prints tend to make you look of course, large.

If you have ample breasts - then use them to your advantage. Draw people's attention upwards by using plus size outfits that would emphasize your asset. A peephole in the middle showing little cleavage might just do the trick. Drawing their attention upwards will divert their attention from what you hate to be noticed. Of course, it is best not to have a dress that would make your bust look like they might spill over. You don't want people to gawk at you.

Wearing sleeveless evening gowns might be fine, as long as you are confident enough to show your limbs. However, you can opt for flowing sleeves compared to the usual long and short sleeves to hide the flabs on your arms. As with the neckline, choose haltered, deep, or turtle necks. These would make your neck seem long compared to the round and square lines.

Another good tip in choosing the gown you want to wear would be choosing an empress cut style. This cut would comfortably cover your curves and bumps in the wrong places. Also, plus size evening dresses with lycra content might help out control the heavy look. Lycra holds bulges and gives form to the figure (N A).

Vintage Room Envy: Hot Pink, Crystal Chandeliers, & Vintage Perfume Bottles

I am so in love, absolutely head over heels with this ultra feminine bathroom! I am definitely taking a cue for my own rather chintzy 1920s bathroom. I love that this has a lot of va-va-voom but all the lines are very clean, very simple. That is a great mix. Start off with clean simple lines and add the high glamour with vintage bottles, crystal chandeliers, and anything floral and sparkly.
Image credit: 1st Option

Beach Wedding Ideas

Beach Wedding IdeasThere are many action to finding beach wedding ideas. Getting a beach designed wedding could be really distinctive however it might be also really challenging. Very carefully planned beach weddings will make your wedding additional unique; your guests won't actually overlook the occasion. This non-traditional wedding style has the touch of comfort and ease, uniqueness, innocence and lightness. You will find handfuls of beach wedding ideas these days that will significantly assist you in preparing your beach designed wedding. Selecting to possess a style various from your conventional laces and lengthy veils provides you the freedom to make use of vivid vivid shades to softest pastels for the wedding style.

If you want to use beach wedding ideas, the Bride's wedding dress could be created utilizing lighter fabrics and pastel shades. Chic brief wedding dresses may also be worn for ultimate comfort and ease and mobility. Not just can the dress be shorter and created of lighter fabric, it's extremely suggested, your comfort and ease might rely upon it!

Beach Wedding IdeasThe clothes from the whole entourage ought to nevertheless be harmoniously designed, having a wider selection of shades of summer time. Groom's attire might be something from pastels to vivid summer time shades. Beach wedding ideas inspired add-ons will add a lot more accent towards the style from the wedding, like corals, beads and shells.

What about your wedding shoes on beach wedding ideas? You are able to possibly select to stroll barefoot or put on beautifully beaded slip on sandals Your hair ought to be a lot more relaxed and free of charge flowing, producing certain that your hair design can stand the ocean breeze too. Several accent flowers could be clipped onto your hair to total your summer time appear. Vivid colored flowers would be the greatest options utilized in beach designed wedding, such as the bouquet how the bride would maintain although jogging down the aisle.

So, Now lets start to getting your perfect wedding by use beach wedding ideas.

Plus Size Evening Gown

Buy Cheap Plus Size Evening Gowns

plus-size-evening-gownPlus size evening gown should not be as hard to come by. Just because these are larger than usual, it does not mean that bigger sized women should have a difficult time getting one. And if there are plus size evening gowns, these shouldn't be limited. Women should also have a choice on which evening gown to get.

Now there are fine selections on them. An example is the one-piece full length gown. They can get a pattern that has a skirt which is attached to the underside of the blouse. Customers can also choose from the range of designs. They may also come in floral patterns or intricate lace designs. It's up to the taste of the woman. Sleeves and elbow length may also vary. The only similarity is that all these designs come in just one piece.

When choosing one that only come in single piece, one should check the bottom edge for loose threads. One must also skim the hips and see whether this is a perfect fit. More often than not, the plus size evening gowns can show the bulges of the woman wearing it. It might not be flattering for her, if that is the case. Another option is the two-piece style. These designs best come with a bolero jacket. These provide coverage for arms and shoulders - body parts that are quite sensitive for women.

A number of larger sized women prefer to cover these, therefore the need for boleros. In order to accentuate the beauty of the entire piece, the designs of the two-piece plus size evening gowns may have sequins in different patterns. There are also cuts and straps, depending on the woman's preference. These gowns are best worn with a strapless bra so that it wouldn't be bothersome to always check the bra strap, just in case it is showing.

They should also have zippers at the back. If that is how it is built, then it is easier for plus size women to get in and out the dress. If the designs of the evening gowns have visible zippers, then it comes with jackets (R L).

Plus Size Evening Gowns

Plus Size Evening Gowns

plus-size-evening-gownsAs you enter a store full of plus size evening gowns , you might feel disappointed. You may think they would not fit you, as you would be a little more than those dresses would provide. It is extremely difficult to for a woman to believe that her body is less than perfect. But once accepted, she tries to hide it, rather than making the best of what is available.

With the ever-growing trend in over-weight population, plus size clothing have emerged into the market. The clothing designers work hard to create a lot of variety and create specific features to plus size dresses. These kinds of dresses are also designed to provide a not-so-perfect figure look beautiful and shapely. It is just a matter of a play with colors, stripes and the shapes of the dresses that make one look fabulous. Whether in appropriate body or not, a woman has to keep herself with confidence and pride. It would make people think about how beautiful you are, rather than whether you are wearing a pretty clothes or not.

There are many things to avoid while selecting a evening gowns. A dress which has many layers of clothes, drapes, and frills are not for plus size women. The clothing must be the best fit. Loose clothing may make your body style fatter. The tent-like dresses and the stretchy polyester pants are now out of trend. Tight clothing would highlight the bulges and rolls that a woman does not want anyone to see. The tight clothes may reduce the figure, but it would not flatten the bulges.

Long gowns are preferred to short ones, as the short dresses gives an impression of being much shorter and, therefore, much wider than long ones. The vertical stripes create a better effect than horizontal stripes. On the whole, single colored clothing is recommended for plus size women. It makes one look taller as the eye travels with the color from head to toe. Clothing that come in bright colors must be avoided as they create an illusion of heaviness.

Then comes, accentuating the positives of the figure for the purpose of hiding the negative features. Look for longer gowns that highlight the shoulder, cleavage and neckline. Strapless tops or noodle straps would be an excellent idea. One can also go in for flowing fabric around the shoulders. Highlighting the smallest area of the waistline also makes one look slimmer. This field is just under the bust, where the stomach starts. A belt or a sash can be used to wrap around and get the waist look thinner (R J).

The Perfect Aisle Runner: Petal Happy Aisle Runners & Carpets

You know I love a wonderful story that inspired a bride to start her own business. This one is no exception. At her own wedding, Camille Hugh-Wallace, owner of Petal Happy (www.petalhappy.com), had a vision of floating down the aisle on a bed of rose petals. It was almost thwarted by the time consumption of placing and cleaning the petals up, so she came up with a better solution. Together with her fiancé and family, she created a pre-petaled aisle runner that is easily transportable and simply unravels in one piece.

Petal Happy was born. Camille creates gorgeous and unusual aisle runners and gazebo carpets made completely out of high quality faux rose petals. The runners and carpets make a quick transition, won’t stain a bride’s priceless white dress and completely transform any event space.

After tremendous feedback, Petal Happy now creates custom petal aisle runners, gazebo petal carpets, petal carpet cutouts and patterned printed runners for a variety of special events. They are perfect for wedding ceremonies, fashion runways, anniversary parties, sweet sixteens and themed events. Petal Happy offers 12 colors and a variety of designs and patterns that create a polished, streamlined look.

See more images and order your aisle runner on her web site.

PROMO: New SoCal Wedding Venue, Park Ave.

Looking for a unique place to tie the knot—someplace groovy, perhaps a little out of the ordinary, not a generic hotel ballroom, but a special spot that truly has its own style? Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of declaring your love outdoors, under the boughs of a tree, knowing your guests are about to dine on the bounty of an organic garden that is literally just steps away? What if you could have both?

The restaurant’s Googie architecture is a favorite of brides and grooms looking for a mid-century modern vibe to set their wedding setting apart from the norm. Park Ave. also boasts its own private park and garden, offering plenty of perfect spots on which to place a chuppah, and an abundance of space where energetic flower girls and ring-bearer boys can run free.

Executive chef David Slay, acclaimed for his modern interpretations of classic American cuisine, works closely with each couple to design a menu—buffet or sit-down meal—to meet any budget.

Slay and the staff of Park Ave. have accommodated wedding parties of 200 people, but are also happy to host more intimate gatherings of only 45. Indoors, Park Ave.’s main dining room seats 70 and its garden room seats 80. Outdoors, the restaurant can provide seating for an additional 50 people in its garden.

Brides and grooms get ready for the big day amid the old-Hollywood glamour of one of the restaurant’s powder rooms, or the staff can easily convert one of the garden buildings to a more ample dressing room for bridal preparations.

Indeed, the excellent customer service that Park Ave. provides on a daily basis carries over seamlessly to its wedding hosting. The executive chef, sous chefs, and wait staff work together as a team to provide full-service wedding coordination; they help with everything from music and flowers to photographers, equipment rentals and more.

The restaurant schedules weddings up to one year in advance. For more information about Park Ave. weddings, to read more client testimonials, and to view photos from past ceremonies, visit Park Ave. Dining.

Behind the Scenes @ The Marchesa by Lenox Cocktail Party

Watch an exclusive interview with Georgina and Keren and the special Champaigne toast at the exclusive launch party for the Marchesa by Lenox collection.

NY - Long Island Bridal Event: Join Darcy Miller and Bloomindale's

Long Island brides, join Join Darcy Miller, Editorial Director of Martha Stewart Weddings, for a “Pre-Wedding” Wedding Party at Bloomingdales TONIGHT.

Darcy will show you how to create a registry that reflects your unique lifestyle!
Scan your registry, sip cocktails courtesy of Fragoli Liqueur and sample savory hors d’oeuvres from Allegria Hotel & Spa and enjoy the music of Craig Scott Entertainment.

Get great tips for creating your dream registry and take home a fabulous gift bag. When you begin a Registry during the event, you’ll be entered to win a luxurious overnight hotel stay courtesy of The Leading Hotels of the World.*

*No purchase necessary. Alternate means of entry available. See Registry Consultant for details.

Evening Gowns

Bring Out Your Beauty in the Best Evening Gowns

evening-gownsEvening gowns are not confined to evening events. They are designed as the counterparts of suits and ties for the fair sex. For all the black tie occasions, the ladies are supposed to wear the evening gowns. It would be a little confusing and time consuming to choose a gown or dress for an evening event. If you are going out for shopping without having any idea about the whole affair, you would be lost in seas.

Understanding the nature of the event is exclusively important before selecting the evening gown. It would be better to pick a medium fitted dress if you are attending an event where you will most likely eat. You would not want to display unwanted fats and flubs at wrong places by wearing a dress that is too tight. The last thing you wanted to happen would be the tearing of the tight dress as you try to sit. In contrast if you are going for a loose evening gown, you would seem to be fat and shapeless. So the best option is to go for a medium fit gown that would bring out the elegance.

It is also important that you must know your body type and the cut of the gown that would highlight your figure. If you are in the 20s, you must already know which dress would best suit you. Go for an empire cut if you are having a small bust. A floor length dress would be perfect if you are not comfortable in showing off your legs. If you are bottom heavy, avoid mermaid cut and go for something which would glide over the lower body.

Yet another important point would be picking your gown that would go along well with your complexion. Pick a gown that would make you look lighter and slimmer. Do not forget to accessorize your evening gown properly. Wear comfortable and trendy shoes along with hair, wrist accessories. Remember to take an attractive clutch bag. For bringing out the fabulous look, make sure that your gown is in right style, right fit and right color (R E).

Good Evening Dresses

Buying Evening Dresses Should Not Be Expensive

good-evening-dressesYou have a formal event coming up: a cocktail, dinner, prom, wedding, ball, and you need an evening dress. Of course, you want to look your best and maybe, even be the center of attention. The solution is simple enough: shop for an evening dress. Unfortunately, you don't have a lot of cash to spend and most of the fashion stores you know charge outrageous prices. So you're in a fix: how do you get a good evening dresses at a cheap price?

A large number of fashion stores do charge exorbitant prices for dresses and this could be as a result of several factors. The good news however, is that you don't have to rob a bank, or go into debt, to look good for your party. There are several places where you can purchase your evening dress cheaply, and without sacrificing quality and style. In fact, some of these are designer dresses, and are actually of a higher quality than other substantially more expensive items found in the average fashion store. This article will guide you on where and how to get a good evening dress cheaply.

The first place is at a discount store. Just like you have discount stores for other items, it's the same for dresses. Thus, you can get discount dresses at these numerous stores. The target of these stores is to sell a very large volume by giving up some profit margin per sale. Also, to ensure that prices are kept low, these stores even buy directly from manufacturers of evening dresses to be able to serve customers better (or cheaper in this case!). A lot of discount stores are available and a simple online search will reveal them.

The second way is to buy from wholesalers. The snag here however, is that they usually do not sell to individuals. But this could be turned to your advantage if you're enterprising. Get other people (friends, family, neighbors), that may be interested and you can all pool money and go on a fun trip shopping for evening dresses!

A third way is buy dresses on sale. Several stores have periods when they sell off their stock cheaply to make room for new ones. This is a good bargain because you can actually get a dress for half the original price or less (C C).

Blue Wedding Flowers

Blue Wedding FlowersBlue wedding flowers are amongst probably the most well-liked, and most accessible, of all wedding party plants. You will find so numerous azure plants that your hardest selection might be selecting amongst them. Even although preparing a wedding party is thrilling and enjoyable, it could be stressful too. You will find so numerous points to think about, from renting the hall, to ordering the meals to discovering the ideal invitations.

Blue wedding flowers are greatest selection for for reception or wedding party. We've carried out a number of wedding party exactly where we've effectively utilized a mixture of azure and white plants. They are complementary hues so the use a organic affinity for every other. Are a gorgeous flower that also has the benefit of becoming fragrant. Stems of hyacinths could be arranged right into a bouquet as within the instance that i created within the Blue Wedding Flowersphoto beneath left. Alternatively, the little azure plants could be individually eliminated and integrated right into a bouquet.

Blue wedding flowers are accessible in numerous shades of azure ranging from deep indigo to pale aquamarine. Azure is really a versatile colour and could be coupled with various hues to produce a number of outcomes. Azure plants could be teamed with cream or yellow plants to add a subtle dramatic natural beauty towards the marriage celebration. Royal azure plants could be coupled with gorgeous pink blossoms to produce a sense of vivid natural beauty.
Blue Wedding Flowers

Perfect Evening Dresses

How to Choose an the Right Evening Dress and Accessories

perfect-evening-dressesIf you are in search of the perfect evening dresses, you need to consider your size, body type, and style. The trick is to find a dress that compliments you so that you can look great no matter how small or large you are. You need to determine your body shape: pear, hourglass, athletic, apple, or thin, and then base your search for an evening dress accordingly.

If you have a pear shaped body, your best bet is an a-line dress, as it will accentuate your top and cover your bottom. Make sure that the right areas will be enhanced, though, or the dress won't look flattering at all. Wear a v-shaped dress if you have an apple body shape. This type of evening dress is designed to draw attention to the bust area, just as long as you avoid long sleeves.

There are quite a few styles that look great on hourglass figures. A dress with a scooped neck line, for instance, will flatter your bust and make you appear taller. You can also go with a full-length gown with an accentuated waistline. Just don't go overboard with laces or ruffles, as they will hide your curves. You will want to enhance all your assets, not hide them!

If you have an athletic or boyish figure, your choice of evening dress should have details that will soften your shoulders and add to your bust line. The top part of the dress should have ruffles or lace, and the bottom should have a tulip shape. You could also get away with wearing an a-line dress if you are wider. Choose something with a lot of details such as flowers, polka dots, or other feminine designs.

Once you have an idea of what type of evening dress you need to get to flatter your body shape, you need to choose a color and design. They come in all colors and shades, and you need to choose something that looks great with your skin tone. You don't want to wear something too bold, but you don't want your look to be subdued, either. If the evening dress doesn't fit right, it will only make matters worse if you wear the wrong color (C C).

Wedding Earrings 2

Wedding Earrings 2

Glamorous Evening Dresses

Why the Need For a Glamorous Evening Dresses?

glamorous-evening-dressesLadies are well known to be very conscious with the dresses they wear especially if they are attending special events or gatherings. Actually wearing a glamorous evening dresses in attending events is really a must particularly if the event that they are attending means a lot to them. Glamorous dress or gown is really a must for women in very especial events in their lives. This explains the need of stylish and fashionable dresses for women.

Dresses can be very simple yet glamorous or can be very unique base on preferences of a woman who is wearing it. On the other hand designs and styles of these dresses should be based on the event or gatherings that you have to attend so you, as a woman can avoid gossips such as you are out of style, or you just wanted to flirt especially if the evening event or gatherings that you will attend cater various men with excellent status in life.

These dresses is a must, however, you have to be careful enough in considering the kind of event that you will attend in choosing the best dress that will suit you. This is to make sure that you will not make any worse scene in the gatherings that you will attend. As much as possible, you have to try your best being simple since it s one of the great secrets of staying beautiful in whatever gatherings or parties that you are attending.

Thus there are several stores out there that can provide you a variety of dresses, there are even several online stores that can also provide you a variety of dresses once you don't have quality time to scout for the dress that can fit you (J C).

GIVEAWAY: Planet Wedding: A Nuptial-Pedia

The Bridal Wishlist and the writers of Planet Wedding, Sandra and Harry Choron are giving away a copy of their fab book, Planet Wedding: A Nuptial-Pedia. If you are just starting to plan your wedding, then you must have this book. The book is chocked full of tips on things like "Reasons not to go on a diet before your wedding," the origin of "Something Old, Something New," "20 Unusual Wedding Registries," "Doing it Celebrity Style," as well as the all important "11 Ways to Save Your Sanity While Planning Your Wedding."

To win, simply reply "I Want It" to this post. A winner will be picked randomly and announced on the blog on Monday, May 3rd. Good Luck.

The "Oh So Pretty!" Blouse Post

Silk georgette, floral printed chiffons, lace and flounce... I adore it all! I especially love the blouses with ruffled peplums, so sweet! If you are looking for vintage inspired blouses in modern day shops be sure to look for dainty details such as tiny buttons, pintucks, panels of lace details and pleated ruffles (very Victorian).
Pretty Little Blouses
Shopping Links
(some of these are no longer available)
1.} Isabel Marant Blue Silk Lurex Blouse, FarFetch.com
2.} Marc by Marc Jacobs Cotton Top, Net-A-Porter
3.} D&G Silk Floral Blouse, Jades24.com
4.} Cream Floral Corset Top, Debenhams (UK)
5.} Printed silk-georgette blouse, Net-A-Porter
6.} Ylang Ylang, Mirabella.jp
7.} Erich Cotton Printed Blouse, My Theresa
8.} Black Floral Camisole, Topshop
9.} Cream Lace Embroidered Tunic, Peacocks (UK)

Fall Wedding Flowers At A Glance

Fall Wedding FlowersFall wedding flowers are: viburnum, montibretia, aster, dahlias, marigold, statice, chrysanthemum, zinnia, iris, and winter jasmine (see. All of those plants appear great in bouquets if you arrange them correctly. The trick would be to know when and how many of every bloom to make use of. Another (excuse me for calling it a bloom) idea is dried leaves. I know that that seems kind of crazy, it did to me at first, but should you appear in the vibrant shades that dried leaves can provide your flowers you'd be amazed at how nicely they accentuate your plants. Not only do they harmonize together with your plants nicely, but additionally they are cheap.

Fall wedding flowers are a lot more cost effective than individuals that are not in season and have to be shipped in from hothouses close to the globe. An additional method to save money is to think about purchasing fall wedding flowers at an early-morning city bloom market or about the web. Warehouse shops like costco also have order types for bulk plants.
Fall Wedding Flowers

Fall Wedding Flowers Reviews & Tips

Fall Wedding FlowersFall wedding flowers are: viburnum, montibretia, aster, dahlias, marigold, statice, chrysanthemum, zinnia, iris, and winter jasmine (see. All of these plants appear excellent in bouquets should you arrange them correctly. The trick would be to know when and how numerous of every bloom to use. Another (excuse me for calling it a bloom) concept is dried leaves. I know that that seems type of insane, it did to me at first, but should you look in the vibrant shades that dried leaves can offer your plants you'd be amazed at how well they complement your plants. Not just do they harmonize with your plants nicely, but they also are cheap.

Fall wedding flowers are much a lot more price efficient than individuals that are not in season and have to be shipped in from hothouses close to the world. Another method to save cash is to think about purchasing fall wedding flowers at an early-morning city flower marketplace or on the web. Warehouse shops like costco also have order forms for bulk plants.
Fall Wedding Flowers

Fall Wedding Flowers Explained

Fall Wedding Flowers Fall wedding flowers are: viburnum, montibretia, aster, dahlias, marigold, statice, chrysanthemum, zinnia, iris, and winter jasmine (see. All of those flowers look great in bouquets if you arrange them properly. The trick is to know when and how numerous of every bloom to make use of. An additional (excuse me for calling it a bloom) idea is dried leaves. I know that that seems type of insane, it did to me at very first, but if you look at the vibrant shades that dried leaves can provide your flowers you'd probably be astonished at how nicely they accentuate your plants. Not only do they harmonize with your flowers nicely, but they also are cheap.

Fall wedding flowers are a lot a lot more price efficient than individuals that are not in season and have to be shipped in from hothouses around the globe. An additional way to conserve cash is to think about buying fall wedding flowers at an early-morning city bloom marketplace or about the internet. Warehouse stores like costco also have purchase forms for bulk plants.
Fall Wedding Flowers

B-List Sponsor Spotlight: Williams-Sonoma

One of my favorite events during the B-List weekend was attending a wedding registry informational session and cooking demonstration at Williams-Sonoma. I adore Williams-Sonoma. I had to put myself on a restraining order over the past few years because I love shopping there.

If you haven't considered creating a wedding registry with Williams-Sonoma, you should totally re-think your decision. Williams-Sonoma takes your registry very seriously. When you arrive for your appointment, there is a registry specialist who is extremely knowledgeable and will carefully work with you to identify items for your registry to totally suit your lifestyle.

Williams-Sonoma has just about everything that you could imagine for your home. They have cookware, china, glassware, flatware, table linens, cutlery, juicers, coffee makers, bakeware, and the best gadgets imaginable.

These croissants were waiting for us along with a cup of delicious cappuccino. Beyond mouth-watering. I had to have two. You couldn't just eat one. Pair these delectable delights with their amazing jams and you have the perfect Sunday breakfast.

Our delicious frittatas were prepared in one of the amazing pans by All Clad. Food just tastes better when you are using top-notch cookware for your dishes. I totally wanted a set. But that would require that I cook more. Hmmmmm, not such a good idea.

There was a waffle iron demonstration and one of their newest registry items, which made me smile, is their Wine Club. Who doesn't love a Wine Club?

But I have to say that my favorite item that I would add to my registry was the Delonghi Perfecta Fully-Automatic Cappuccino Maker It is fully automatic. The milk is steamed in the container on your right and the espresso is released into the cup in the middle. Once that happens, the milk is released into the cup. Voilà! Cappuccino. This is a must have if you love coffee the way that I love coffee.

So head on over to your local Williams-Sonoma to start your wedding registry. You will find everything that a newly married couple will need.

The B-List Weekend

What a fabulous weekend. It was so great to see the original B-List members along with meeting the newbies. Thanks so much to Anne Chertoff, Vané Broussard, Maria Cooke and Kelly Seizert for working so hard to pull off such an amazing weekend for the group. For a complete wrap-up of the weekend, visit our blog, The B-List.
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