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Beaver and Steve tee

Even if you're not into the webcomic thing, you're bound to find some great tees that, though you won't fully understand the nuances, are still great. Take 'shoes shirt' from Beaver and Steve and all you'll have to pay is US$17 (or $19 if you're on the larger side of the rainbow). Jesus H Macey this tee is cute.

i need this tee

Dear ThinkGeek,
I need to have this tee. Since you don't have it in ladies sizes, I've formulated a plan thus: You have to make this in ladies sizes. Ok, the plan didn't address the monetary issues involved in making tees of this genre for lady-types... thus my second plan! If you like this tee and are of the female persuasion, contact those kids at ThinkGeek and show your interest - it might just happen.
"Heavy Metal" at ThinkGeek - US$14.99

without pockets launches tee shop

The latest in the line of interweb tee competitions has finally come forth with its first tees. I'm looking forward to seeing what this Aussie-based shenanigan will turn out, some of the designs up for voting are fantastic, and the sheep tee does press my buttons.
Checky Without Pockets here and submit your designs to win $750 cash and a $750 voucher to spend on new tees which are generally AU$35 and ship everywhere as far as I can tell.

Almost Kiss Wedding Photography

When two people like Beatrice and Alan are in love, it's easy for them to get lost in each other's eyes. There's no doubt about it, they are in love. It shows in their actions, their tenderness, and it shows in the pictures. I love what I do because it allows me to capture not only beautiful images, but beautiful moments.

Britney and I met up with Beatrice and Alan at Schabarum Park in Rowland Heights for their romantic photo session. I've been excited about this because it was a blast shooting their engagement pics in Newport Beach. At the park I had them walk in a grove of these gorgeous trees that are in bloom. It happened to be cloudy this day so the lighting was exquisite!

There is this one little bridge that's picture perfect.

And the elegant Beatrice...

I did not let them kiss at all before their wedding ceremony, so they had to "Almost Kiss"
Wedding Photography for Los Angeles and Orange County

And they got really good at "almost kissing"!

Of course we had to include Alan's new Porsche.

And one preview image of the ceremony.

Expanding the Studio

Our dream is to live close to The Great Park when it is completed. So with all the news talking about real estate taking a plunge, we've started looking around for investment property. If the market keeps getting better (for us) then we're definitely going to buy a second home/studio. That's one of the steps we plan to implement in order to build up to our dream home. We want to invest in enough property and combine those so that we can reserve a nice spot within the new communities planned for The Great Park. So we started looking at some townhomes around the new developments in Irvine, CA.

It was actually really fun seeing some cool properties and to imagine our second studio in Irvine. I love the new designs that have tall ceilings throughout...

Cool decorating ideas too.

For some reason this room in particular was calling out to me (is it the painting?)

brand new real life tee review

As seen a few posts down, I love this tee. And when it arrived here in Australia from the US in record time, it was all that it ever promised and more. Except that it wasn't really more, it was pretty much just what was promised. Silk-screened on top quality, well fitting 100% pre-shrunk cotton, this tee feels great against your nakey skin. In our road-test it got many comments from random strangers, 'fully sick', 'hey, that show', and 'thundercats ho!' come to mind. So, if you need to affect friends and strangers with your nostalgic know-how, this is the tee for you.
Advantages: Tops quality tee & ace printing skills
Disadvantages: By wearing this you're making it more mainstream and therefore it isn't as cool any more. Plus it doesn't come in lady sizes.
Buy it from: Wicked Cool Stuff
Get out your wallets: US$17.95
In stock: man-style M-XL
Check it in close up:

new at t-shirt hell

T-shirt Hell - you love it or you petition to have the interweb destroyed for hosting such filth. They have 8 new tees for your viewing pleasure, so If you still have your interweb intact, check 'em out.
Or maybe don't if you're under whatever that age is where you aren't allowed to see terrible things.
I love this one and hate to go all Threadless-comment-leaver on your asses, but I do think this one'd look better with smaller text.

40% off EVERYTHING at moreTvicar

Just use the code 'FAB40' at the checkout until 29th of January for your super bargain special times at moreTvicar!

the mighty boosh tour t-shirts are back... or are they?

Whether you're a Mighty Boosh fan or have no idea what the jebus I'm on about, the artwork on this tour tee by Noel Fielding is damn cool. If you're an electro-hipster you might also like their silver-bolt tees - they're often hard to get unless you're into dodgy Ebay rip-offs, but they're in stock at the official store and they sell out quick. If you're in the UK you can get the tour tee from Play.com for £11.99, but the rest of us have to get it from the official store for £15 or preferably you could have a nice brother living in England who'll buy one and mail it to you.

What's better than a tee with one monkey?

I know this one has seen the light of day many-a-time on the blog circuit, but I really think it deserves the cred, it is just that damn hot. The new pressing is available in under two weeks, but order now to avoid not owning one.
Olly Moss is one of my favourite tee designers, even when his designs don't have a monkey. And that's saying something. You can get this spiffing cool tee over at Go Ape Shirts for US$18, and we recommend that you do if you want your peers and strangers to give you the respect that you deserve - or don't deserve, if you don't purchase it. I guess that's karma.
While you're there check these ones too:

new designs at toothpaste for dinner

Check out Toothpaste For Dinner's new hoodies and tees for US$35 & US$16 respectively. As always these are super-sweet and you need to buy one thousand immediately. You at least have to go there to check out the progress of Drew's mo, If I weren't a feminine, I'd be crazy jealous.
While you're there, check out Natalie Dee & Married to the Sea because you can get a spiffing discount on a bushel of t-shirts if you buy them all together.

ADDITIONAL: Monsieur T. is having a 3 year anniversary sale! Get 30% off the entire Fall/Winter collection and limited edition shirts; and 50% off older styles. I've spotted tees for US$12...

patchwork tee quilts are nifty

$325 might be a little much for the buy-tees-over-the-interweb set, but we had to put this here cause it's mighty nifty. These patchwork tee quilts from stitch'T would look great in a funky-style house. You want to live in a funky-style house, right? Though when given the option of having either one quilt or 35 tees for my upwards of three hundred bucks, I'd probably go with the tees option. But I'd make them into a quilt when they got old.

Mission Inn Riverside Wedding Photography

Today I had the honor of documenting Kristen and Matt's wedding which took place at the historical Mission Inn, Riverside.

I decided to process these images in grainy black and white to accentuate the romantic feel of this truly uniqe venue. When I'm here it feels like I'm in a different country.

The Mission Inn showcases amazing architecture, ornate details, and everywhere you turn there's a gorgeous background for pictures! The place naturally sparks romance in everyone and you can see in the images that Kristen and Matt are no exception.

Click on any image to view it larger and to see the intricate details in architecture.

* edit: Ok I couldn't resist, I'm adding this one color image of the rotunda - I felt I wasn't doing the Mission Inn justice without including a picture of their incredible staircase. Be sure to click on this image to see it large so you can check out the details!

Mission Inn wedding pictures, Riverside wedding photographer, Riverside County professional photographers, Mission Inn Riverside wedding photos, historic Mission Inn

kids rock out with damselworld

I'm not one for having kids or anything, but some of you people are doing it and who am I to say you're crazy? But if you're going to ignore my sage counsel, you at least have to have cool kids and this is where these kids rock tees from Damselworld come in. They start at US$19.99 which seems a little steep for the kiddies, they don't earn much.

more funkyduds 8 tees of the moment

MoreTvicar 'I O Tokyo' sounds like a good name for a song. I O, I O, I'm off to Tokyo... that's all I got. Neat tee though, designed by an Australian. But do you think I can get one from here? Nope, gotta go to the US or the UK... I'm not bitter.

This PalmerCash 'Radio Clyde' was worn by Frank Zappa in 1981 after a radio interview (not this particular tee I'm guessing, but you might be able to find it on Ebay). Unlike Frank, you won't get this tee for free because you're not a huge rockstar, but you will get it for the price that I'm writing right here:

Digital Gravel 'Skull Bop' is both freaky-maleeky and nifty. Reminds me of Beatrix Potter actually. Oh those poor bunnies.

Uncle Kimono 'Style is'. If you haven't heard of John Malkovich's label 'Uncle Kimono', go check it out. Some of his proceeds do to some acting thing that I don't really care about, but he gets ten points for being cool.

NerdyShirts 'Lasers are Fun'. It's true, they are. We used to have that laser game that you played in your backyard, and I really think that if I had this tee at the time I would have won. Instead of winning by just sitting in a tree for 3 hours until everyone else gave up. It still counts you know.

Tank Theory 'Sketchbook 1' or 'why has someone been drawing on my t-shirt?'

PalmerCash 'Your Favorite Music Sucks' is spot on, most people's favourite music does indeed suck. This tee doesn't.

Old Crappy Tee 'I'll do you if you do me" gave me a laugh when I saw it. And then a little bit later too. I guess it's one of those designs where the person came up with it works at a zoo. So many zoo-keeping designers these days.

80s comeback in full swing

80s cartoon/movie/game tees have been going nuts for ages now, but at the moment we're seeing a big resurgence in 80s styling...

It's the word of the moment over at PalmerCash, and it truly is rad. If big scary rapper-types are wearing bright colours with stars and rainbows, I can damn well wear a bright yellow tee with 'rad' on its kisser.

'Minx' from MoreTvicar in proud pink and grey, national colours of the 80s (apart from neon - all of them) is another of my favourite tees of the minute, think I'll get me one of these.

Digital Gravel '2020' feels so familiar, maybe my dad had one when I was a kid... surely he wasn't that trendy though, even back then. If anyone recognises this from somewhere, let me know before I go mad.

Backseat Kiss 'Sex & Hairspray' may as well be a Jem and the Holograms tee.

Tank Theory 'Doom' reminds me of the Mulligrubs, If you don't know what I'm talking about, carry on about your business. If you do, ummm also carry on about your business.
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