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Cheap Prom Dresses

cheap-prom-dressesEvery girl gets excited by the time that their school announces that the prom night is just a couple of months away. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough money to buy for the most elegant looking prom dresses that are available in most couture shops. However, this should not be a reason to stop you from getting that dress for this memorable event. There are now cheap prom dresses that are not just cost-effective, but very glamorous at the same time.
cheap-prom-dressesIn today's rough economy, young ladies are being forced to work within a budget when it comes time to buy a prom dress, new shoes and a pretty shawl. The steep prices being charged at the fancy boutiques in local malls and shopping centers are simply too high to afford for most girls your age. Perhaps you are interested in buying a knock-off dress that looks exactly like what Paris Hilton and other Hollywood celebs are wearing on the red carpets. You can fulfill that dream of yours by going online and searching under cheap prom dresses.
cheap-prom-dressesThis means that not only will you be able to afford the exact dress you have had your eye on but you also will be able to pick up those new shoes, stockings, shawl, purse and any accessories you need such as earrings or a new necklace to match your dress. There are dozens and dozens of online retailers that specialize in nothing but formal attire. This means that the prices are kept low because each of these retailers must directly compete with one another for your business.
cheap-prom-dressesYou can always look for economical dress on the Internet. You have a wider choice since hundreds of websites are offering this kind of service and the competition is actually tight especially as the prom season comes. Aside from the inexpensive price, there are some websites that still offer discounts as well especially if you buy it a couple of months before the prom night. The best thing about the cheap prom dresses is that it is unlikely that you will see the same design on boutiques near you.

Hipstamatic: Petit-Déjeuner at "Little Next Door"


One of my favorite French cafes in Los Angeles is "Little Next Door" which is next to a French restaurant called "Next Door" (haven't been there yet). I absolutely love this cafe, it's French and chic without being pretentious. The food is excellent, the ambiance lovely, and it's also a great place to people watch. And bonus points, one of my favorite vintage shops (Polka Dots & Moonbeams) is just down the street!

littlenextdoor-2 littlenextdoor-3 littlenextdoor-4 littlenextdoor-5

HAPPY NEW YEAR: See You In 2011

We are putting our pencils down until after the New Year. There will be big changes for us here at The Bridal Wishlist in 2011. We are very excited and look forward to bringing you the best of what's modern in the world of weddings. We thank all of our loyal readers for a great 2010 and look forward to gaining new readers. So spread the word. Happy New Year to all of you. Please be safe out there during your celebration.

Fashionably yours,

Cinderella Prom Dress

cinderella-prom-dressCinderella prom dress can come in many different designs and styles each design has its own unique interest and detail. Every one of these dresses can have very different cuts and it is important to understand what figures they best suit. The bodices are designed to clinch the waist which gives an hour glass effect, emphasised by the full skirt giving the illusion of a tiny waist. The elegant fairytale effect of these dresses will turn the heads of any onlookers and with most styles being covered from top to bottom with lavish details and sparkles you will certainly set the scene for an unforgettable night.
cinderella-prom-dressThe Cinderella prom dress with a dropped waist can improve you overall silhouette. The full skirt flows gracefully out from the hip line emphasizing your waist. If you choose this as a strapless design then you can dress up your bare shoulders with a lavish necklace or shoulder wrap. Remember to choose designs where the embellishment is concentrated around the body features you want to show off. Beading and sequins can draw the eyes in. so if you want people to look at you waist, make sure most of the details are in this area.
cinderella-prom-dressIt must be every girls dream to dress up as their favourite fairytale character and recreate that adorable Princess look at their prom by wearing stunning and unforgettable Cinderella prom dresses, never before has a UK trend taken off so well as the prom. Although the US has been holding proms for their last year at school students for as long as I can remember it has never been deemed important over here in the UK.
cinderella-prom-dressProms where thought to originate in the Victorian era when the younger generation was introduced in to the high society community. These parties where very lavish and the girls were dressed from head to toe in fine Cinderella prom dresses mostly made from white silk. The party back then was known as a promenade as the new society members were paraded around the party to meet the older members.
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Vintage Streetstyle | Real Style + Fashions from the 1920s

Family Poses with Automobile, 1920s - Found Photograph (adjusted/detail)

You have to wonder, what was she thinking when this moment was captured on film? A woman of obvious beauty and wealth posed inside a car in the 1920s. Where is she going? What is her name? Why did she choose to wear what she's wearing?

These are the thoughts that run through my mind when perousing vintage photographs. Every one of them has a story to tell.

 Are'nt We Pretty Not sure whether I need coat or a parasol Theatre Party 2-20-26 Having Tea on The Banks of The Nile River

I've been on a bit 1920s/1930s kick lately (Boardwalk Empire...slowly getting through all the episodes during break). I hope you enjoy these lovely photos! Click on them for credit and larger versions!

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: Beautiful Wedding Photography by Lin & Jirsa

Love this gorgeous wedding photography by Lin & Jirsa. These wedding photographs are incredibly beautiful. See their portfolio at Lin & Jirsa Photography.

Faviana Prom Dress

faviana-prom-dressFaviana prom dress make others turn their heads when you enter the room. They are bold, daring and incredibly sexy. No surprise, given that they're modeled after dresses worn by movie stars. It is not too often that designer gowns of this magnitude and name can be found for such a steal. Faviana is not generally known for their affordable pricing, yet there are many that can be found for less than most people pay for a weekend outfit! This opens up the possibilities for the many other needs of your special prom night.
faviana-prom-dressFaviana Prom Dresses are built around the personality of beautiful. These dresses absolutely spill attitude and flair as they sway with the young ladies every dance. The fabric used for all their gowns are custom designed flatter a range of body types, and since looking good is important, this is one reason that a faviana prom dress is so popular. Pick up the teen magazines, fashion designer materials or news and these gowns are proudly displayed from the past styles to those walking the red carpet today.
faviana-prom-dressChoose from sequins, ruffles, short or long styles and also a range in vibrant choices of colors. This makes any dream come true for those young ladies not only looking for the perfect dress, but also one that is affordable. There are not many prom dresses under $100, so look closely at the jeweled panel or shoulder straps of the newest Faviana designs; they are popular and all so elegant.
faviana-prom-dressChoosing your Faviana prom dress may seem like a tedious task, but it's supposed to be fun! Though they offer different styles, colors, and sizes, remember to take your time and try not to get overwhelmed. Consider the quality, elegance, and beauty of the prom dress you want. You can find an affordable prom dress that's beautiful and fun. It's not impossible!

Purple Prom Dress

purple-prom-dressAre you missing what everybody is looking at? Well, purple prom dress are in demand and very much in fashion. Adding this bright colour to your wardrobe can do wonders for your personal fashion statement. Purple is considered to be timeless colour and its demand never fades away. Purple dresses look so bright that they add that extra colour and shine to any party or event. Purple dresses are a must for this summer season. It has to be part of every girl's wardrobe. Are you missing that purple dress in wardrobe? Well, go grab it now. Purple colour is often related with mystery and spirituality.
purple-prom-dressPurple is a beautiful color and the best thing about this color is that you can find it in pearls and even in gemstones. Thus, I would strongly recommend you to wear jewelry that has either purple pearls or gemstones.
purple-prom-dressPurple prom dress is incomplete without jewelry because cocktail parties are functions where jewelry is worn to show your standard and class, choose decent, elegant, classic and delicate jewelry. Don't go for necklaces and lockets if your dress is strapless. However, never miss out on a large stone finger ring and earrings with a shade that reflects the purple prom dress.
purple-prom-dressPurple has always been a very warm colour. With a big family of shades, purple is definitely here to stay. Long flowing gowns in purple colour are the best bet for bridesmaid. Whether it is a short chic dress or an elegant evening gown, purple colour suits them all and hence is the next in fashion colour for year 2010. This sensational colour makes any party more colourful and joyful. With a variety of make up which can be teamed up as per the time and type of occasion with purple dresses, the colour has already started making waves of demand in this year.

Vintage Prom Dress

vintage-prom-dressVintage prom dress can satisfy both of these. Vintage prom dresses allow you to have a dress that no one else will have. There is a variety of fashion decades from which to choose, from retro to turn-of-the-century dresses. There's something nostalgic about the vintage prom dress that conveys a dramatic and romantic mood that's sure to please your date.
vintage-prom-dressProm dresses are a much-anticipated indulgence. With all the importance given to glamour in prom parties, designers are vying to provide the hottest and most sought after designs for young women who want to make a splash. If the idea is to stand apart from the crowd, or to leave a long lasting impression, the best option is the vintage prom dress, which is really hot this season.
vintage-prom-dress1950s vintage prom dresses are in great demand today. For a different look in vintage prom dresses, check out the romantic looks of the 1930s and 1940s. The 1930s prom dresses tend towards an extremely feminine look. The 1940s brought a more tailored look, made elegant with lots of beadwork and sequins. A vintage prom dress that suits and flatters your figure can put you firmly in charge of trendy prom fashions.
vintage-prom-dressProms throughout the country are being planned based on themes, such as 60s movies, making vintage dressing even more fun and dramatic. And designers are more than willing to give you that look. There are several web sites, which provide information as well as options to order vintage prom dresses. These sites also provide original antique dresses for an even more authentic look. Online stores also provide the option of custom designing your own vintage prom dresses based on options provided.

Short Prom Dress

short-prom-dressProm is a special occasion in the life of every girl. This is probably the first occasion of proper socializing and no girl wants to be left behind in terms of looks, style or the glamour quotient. Short prom dress are quite fashionable and the trend has been encouraged by many brand new models in the spring collection of so many designers. Girls can choose from a variety of knee length models in various colors and textures of cloth that will suit their height, skin and color.
short-prom-dressShort prom dress project a sweet and innocent for young women who prefer a more casual experience. The most popular among young sophisticates is the little black dress, but also being seen more often are the sequined asymmetrical hemline, the pretty-in-pink baby doll look, the sexy ruffled and flounce salsa dress and finally, the ballerina. Some may prefer a vintage prom dress of satin, ruffles and lace.
short-prom-dressSought after designers include Flirt by Maggie Sottero, Niteline, La Femme, Mori Lee, Tiffany Designs, Alyce Designs, Night Moves, Faviana, Jessica McClintock, Anna Scott and Riva Designs. For more diversity, look for Aurora Plus Size, Beyond by Jovani, Cassandra Stone, Jasz Couture, Joli Prom, Jovani, Landa Designs, Le Gala, Mystique, Panoply and the dependable Party Time Formals, among others. Of course dresses are available in all sizes from petite to plus and can be custom designed or altered to fit and flatter your body type.
short-prom-dressInformation about short prom dresses is available in special magazines like Your Prom, Prom Magazine and Seventeen. There are several online stores that provide a wide range of short prom dresses that can not only be ordered but also designed online. Online stores are a great way to shop since they have various options that may not be there at the local stores. However, make sure that there is sufficient time while ordering dresses online. Also check with the return options since most suppliers do not take back the dresses once ordered. These websites also offer advice on choosing the right kind of short prom dress to make the prom night a most memorable affair.

Unique Prom Dress

unique-prom-dressUnique prom dress is exactly what almost all teen ladies talk about with their female friend early. Prom is considered the social highlight for high school students getting prepared to graduate and move on to the next level of their lives. Rather than waiting until a couple of months before the prom, start planning several weeks ahead of time by discussing the gown and tux prior to the party.
unique-prom-dressA unique and popular style for this year is the short prom dress. These can be beautiful and elegant even if they do not come to the floor. They are made of quality fabrics such a silk blends and satin with lace and tulle. They come in all different colors and some even sparkle and are beaded. They look like a classic prom dress except that they come to the knee or slightly above.
unique-prom-dressA lot of ladies go straight to their nearby main shopping area, and do not even think about other available choices, that they are missing out on a few gorgeous, and often exclusive gowns. The majority of the boutique shops can offer an incredible selection of gowns. The outlets are usually managed by the proprietors themselves, and thus, every customer is important to them, and they usually offer an outstanding level of personal service
unique-prom-dressUnique prom dress is the most important element of a young girl's night. But make sure to have fun during the process of choosing a prom dress because if not, it can become a great source of stress if you take everything too seriously. Prom is suppose to be enjoyable and buying prom dresses can either be some of the most fun you have had all year, or probably the most intense stress you've felt all year. It is all in your mindset so try to be light hearted and have the moment of your life.

BCBG Prom Dresses

bcbg-prom-dressesEverybody wants to look unique and beautiful for their prom. This is the reason why most of the girls spend so much money on getting an expensive, beautiful, stylish designer's dress. However, this dress is only to be worn once in your life so why do you have to waste so much of your money? I have not seen anyone repeating their prom dresses ever after the prom was over. Therefore, I believe you should pick a cost-effective dress which is stylish and suitable for the occasion but not as costly as normally these dresses are. Instead of buying costly dresses, you can buy accessories and accessorize your prom dress to make it unique; this will save your money and make you look even more beautiful.
bcbg-prom-dressesBCBG prom dresses are available in a number of different styles, designs, colors, sizes, patterns and shapes. They have been especially designed to be unique and beautiful, and at the same time let you save your money. These dresses are made of the finest fabrics but they can still be purchased at reasonable prices.
bcbg-prom-dressesI agree that your prom dress might be very fancy so wearing it again at a casual function may be out of question. However, you may have many fancy occasions in your future life so you can always have the chance to wear this dress again. Some of the prom dresses are very ideal for bridesmaid dresses and for evening parties. Thus, this could be one good option you can do with your prom dress after your prom is over. This is the option I went with. I have saved the BCBG prom dresses of my high school and college because they looked so perfect that I did not want to lose them. They will stay with me as tokens of my teenager life.
bcbg-prom-dressesBCBG clothing stores, These stores are a great place to find the latest designs of prom dresses at reasonable rates. Each of the dress has been especially designed keeping in mind the comfort level of the wearer, the latest trend and the highest quality of fabric.
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