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Vintage Streetstyle | Real Style + Fashions from the 1930s & 1940


These vintage photographs were selected specifically because the clothes the women are wearing don't appear too costume-y or out of reach. Sometimes I see many beautiful gorgeous vintage 30s and 40s dresses at online vintage shops or even at vintage fashion expos, but I always wonder when would I wear these? They will only gather dust in my closet. So, I always tend to gravitate towards casual daywear vintage clothing as opposed to formal wear.

And even though these lovely vintage gals are in their casual clothes, don't they look so dapper anyway? They would frown upon my casual "going for a bike ride" outfit of leggings, t-shirt, and sneakers!

Three Pretty Ladies Old photo found at Waterloo market 2 Bette & Midge in the Shade of The Dying Tree WA. 1942 JM Holland 9 Album borghese Bologna anni 30 Stripes On The Fence

Image Credits: Magnolia Blossoms (c) 1940, Three Lovely Ladies, Two Girls on a Bicycle (c) 1936, Bette & Midge, Showing some leg (c) 1942, Lounging in the Park, Borghese Bologna anni 30, Ladies in Stripes, On The Fence

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