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The Ruiz Family Portraits in Fullerton, CA

I had the opportunity to photograph my friends a weeks ago - John, Casey, Jaylen, and Nolan Ruiz. Their family photo shoot was a blast! We started out at the Fullerton railroad tracks, then went to Hillcrest Park for some fun shots.

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Loyola Marymount University Wedding, Marina del Rey Marriott Reception

(Part 2 of 2)
Another teaser from Amy and John's ceremony and reception. Their traditional (American) wedding ceremony took place at Loyola Marymount University and their gorgeous reception was held at the Marina del Rey Marriott. A slideshow and more commentary coming soon...

Second shooter: Tani Greenwood
Tags: John and Amy's wedding ceremony pictures at Loyola Marymount University, their wedding reception photos at Marriott Marina del Rey, Los Angeles wedding photography
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Bliss! Weddings Market

Ben and Kristi's wedding was featured on "Bliss! Weddings Market" - how awesome is that?! The editor Cheryl has a blog that features some fantastic wedding tips and DIY tutorials called "Bride" Ideas. She did a short interview with me talking about my wedding photography style and wrote a really cool article. Be sure to check out her site!

Thank you so much for the cool write up Cheryl!
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Lori & Jody

The Slideshow (click on image to play)
Tags: Lori and Jody wedding photography in Orange County

Amy and John's Thai Ceremony

(Part 1 of 2)
Just a teaser from Amy and John's cultural Thai wedding ceremony:

Those amazing pastries (yes they are desserts!) were brought all the way from Thailand by one of Amy's long time friends. They told me a little story about how they got stopped at the airport because these little dessert gems looked like real fruit to security!

Amy's cultural gown was so beautifully detailed:

Tags: Amy and John's cultural Thai wedding ceremony photos, imported Thai pastries, wedding photography in Northridge, CA
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Jody and Lori's Wedding at The Irvine Hilton

I remember the first photo shoot I did for Lori and Jody in San Juan Capistrano - we had so much fun just walking around. I knew their wedding day would be the same - they can enjoy each other and just have fun. When they first saw each other I saw the biggest smile on Jody's face as they embraced. Here are some favorites from their wedding (I'll be posting their slideshow real soon):

Second Shooter: Neil Rosales - good times!
Tags: Lori and Jody's wedding at the Irvine Airport Hilton, CA. Orange County wedding photography, Irvine Hilton, first meeting with Lori and Jody
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