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Wedding Photography Los Angeles Athletic Club

Joelma and Johnny couldn't have picked a more beautiful building for their ceremony and reception. The Los Angeles Athletic Club is full of art and architecture from the Art Nouveau era. It also sits in the middle of downtown L.A. which made for a fun walk around the streets.

View their wedding slideshow (Click Here)

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50th Wedding Anniversary

It's my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Yes, fifty! 50 years of being together and taking care of their family. I'm proud of them because I know it's 50 years of their lives given to us (their kids and grand kids). They pretty much sacrificed everything to get us here in the United States, to provide for all our needs, and to make sure my sisters and I had the opportunity for a better life.

Wedding Photography Laguna Niguel

Janelle and Rich are so in love, it was easy to capture their initmate moments. When they kissed, it was like the world just stopped for them, and they held on to every moment.

They were both gorgeous, especially when Janelle was just being herself.

View their wedding slideshow: Click Here
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Wedding Photography Falkner Winery Temecula

It had just rained the night before, but this day was all blue sky and beautiful clouds. It was a picture perfect day for Cherry and Trent's wedding at the Falkner Winery in Temecula.

Jasmine Star was gracious enough to come out and shoot with me this day and we had a great time. A huge part of it was because Cherry and Trent went out of their way to give us creative feedom and that made it a pleasure to photograph their special day.

View Cherry and Trent's slideshow Click Here
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Wedding Photography St. Johns Lutheran Church Coyote Hills

Congratulations to Jon and Casey! They got married at the beautiful St. Johns Lutheran Church in Orange, then had their reception at Coyote Hills Country Club. It was a fun shoot at the Orange Circle when Jon and Casey experienced their "First Look" and they were joined by their gorgeous bridal party.

(Click here for the slideshow)
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Laguna Beach engagment pictures

I never get tired of Laguan Beach - there's always something to be discovered there. When I met up with Andy and Marissa for their engagement shoot we had a chance to explore the streets and alleys of downtown Laguna Beach (if there is such a thing). There's nothing really old here except for maybe the theatre. You'll find all kinds of interesting things if you just walk around a little. I've been here countless times, but this is the first time I remember seeing this cool phone booth:

View more pics in the slideshow (click here).
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Wedding Photography Ebell Club Long Beach

Wow I've been so incredibly busy the last few weeks! And it's gonna be crazy for many more weeks to come. Sorry if my posts are lagging - but I'm catching up and have a ton of changes/improvements to the main website (be sure to check back here periodically) If I didn't/haven't posted any events, I'm sorry! It's just impossible right now to keep up with everything going on.


I did have a chance to look at Mari and Patrick's wedding pictures and they look gorgeous! It took place at The Ebell Club in Long Beach, a beautiful venue that hardly anyone knows about. It may not be there for long because the property is up for sale.

The building interior is beautifully designed so we (Danny and I) had no problems getting great shots there. But when we went to the beach (Long Beach doesn't really have scenic beaches) we had to do a little improvising. Can you guess what the beautiful blue backgrounds are?

Yup, those are recycling containers! Sometimes you just have to be adaptable in different situations in order to come up with something unique. Click here to see their wedding slideshow!
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