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cobra commander psa

Unlike G.I. Joe, his super-nemesis Cobra Commander was never allowed to give a public service announcement at the end of the episode. And although his foray into psa-ing comes in the form of a borrowed song lyric, you still have to appreciate that he's trying to do good.

Get is from: Tees My Body
At sale price: US$7.99
If you're size: S or M

another nifty unicorn tee

Jeremy was a happy man until the age of 42, when his wife left him and his dog ran under a semi trailer. Six weeks and 32 crates of Smirnoff later, Jeremy was chatting to unicorns and wishing that the pain would just go away.

Guest Review by: Joshy Josh and the Funky Bunch

Get 'em at: Kreamy Tees
Get out ye pot o' gold: US$18

dephect real life review

Now I'm not really into the kids' hippidy-hoppity music, nor the clothing that oft comes with it, but from hippidy-hoppity stores can come good things.
Enter 'Monster Toy' from Dephect.
This tee imitates Japanese toy packaging to great effect. It's a great fitting tee and washes well, the only small gripe I have is that the sleeves are a slightly different colour to the torso. It's really not very noticeable as you can see in the pic, but there if you're looking for problems.
Anyway, all in all a nifty tee that arrived quickly with some shiny stickers, which makes me happy.
If you're checking out the site, have a look at the new Zombie Monkeys tees, pretty nifty.


Advantages: Gotta love Japanese references
Disadvantages: Nothin' really!
Buy it from: Dephect Clothing
Get out your wallets: £26
In stock: man: S, XL
Model models: Men's L

punch you, bluetooth johnson

I've been meaning to get round to Local Celebrity to give them a bit o' lovin' and other truncations, and what do you know, here's me doing it. The thing that draws me to this particular company is that they have great concepts, and great design. The design bit is what many slogan-based tees appear to lack (nice one, Captain Obvious).
The best thing of all is that they've gone to the trouble of inventing a game for us to enjoy. The game's called 'Bluetooth Johnson' (I may have made that up, but it'll probably be ok legally speaking) and the game goes like so: "Next time you see this guy I want you to turn – look at your boy – call out “Bluetooth Johnson” and then punch that sucka in the gut! That’s right – Mr. Johnson is the new punch buggy! You can even play at night cuz this fool beams light!".

Yours from: Local Celebrity
Yours for: US$19.95

fo' shizzle, my guest reviewer

What is going on O people of my inner circle and trusted companions? Or as the children say "Fuck's up homies?" It is a fact that in our troubled times, it is grammar that seems to be the real victim. When one is playing croquet with fellow club members and Shaneequa congratulates you on a super strike at the penult hoop, it would seem crass to respond "Fo' Shizzle ma Nizzle". This is a shirt that reminds us how correctly to use English. Because it's not ours, it's the Queens English, we are only borrowing it...

That stated, a noble concept wittily posed is sullied if written on a postit note and stapled to a scrotum. This shirt is funny, and more so, important, but really is let down by its design. One would (in keeping with the preferences of the class enabled) like to see the head cut off (the giant random head on the side of the shirt that is) then we would most certainly be swiping our diamond studded, gold plated AMEX cards in a purchasing manner.

Guest review by - Baron Von Fancyshirts.

Get your from: Upscale Homeless
For: US$17.99

topical tee of the day

That crazy Interweb generation, merchandise is being made before the ink is dry on the umm... film stock. If you haven't seen 'The Landlord' (what's with that, don't you have eyes?) go look it up, it's great. With most topical tees the design & typography could use a few more moments of thought, but I'll let it through just this once.
I would wear this tee, but only if everyone to see it ever understands the reference because I don't generally like wearing tees that say I like drinking. If I like drinking, I'll carry a beer around with me - it gives the same signals, but I look much cooler. And I'll have beer.

Get your drink on at: Snorg Tees
With your milk money: US$15.95

buddhapparel tranny tee

"It's like a robot in disguise. If only said robot was a pimped out Latino gangsta with a chip on his shoulder. Who blew up giant mechanical burritos and listened to Cypress Hill while he did his robotic lawn mowing on his pimped out mower ride." Ima get Josh to write these for me every time.

Gets it at: Karmaloop
10% Off Coupon Code: RS11759
Gets it for: US$32

huzzah for pac-man!

Ok, Ima not even pretend to write this one, what they say on the site is too good.
'This image was widely used as part of the infamous "Pinky Is Dead" conspiracy theory, in which the member of the famed foursome was thought to have died while crashing into a pole after swerving to avoid Ms. Pac-Man, only to be replaced by a body double in future installments of the classic arcade series. Other purported "evidence" of the hoax included clues in the lyrics to Pac-Man Fever and hidden messages encoded in Level 256. Most of the theories eventually dissipated when everyone realized that ghosts cannot actually die.'

They come from: Huzzah Goods
Gets yo self one for: US$16

Wedding Photography Casa Romantica San Clemente

What perfect timing, to have the weather clear up in between two days of rain (rained on Friday and Sunday!). This Saturday couldn't have been any more beatiful for Melissa and Roger, blessed with deep blue skies, clean air, and a mild ocean breeze. Melissa and Roger held their wedding at Casa Romantica in San Clemente which sits on a cliff overlooking the pier, so you can see the beach and ocean just below you during the creremony. Here's a preview of their wedding pictures:

And you can always click on any image to see it larger.

Afterwards we headed down to the pier to catch the sunset.

Click here to see more images in a slideshow.
Casa Romantica wedding photos, San Clemente wedding photography, Orange County wedding photographer, San Clemente pier wedding portraits

ninja tuna - greatest hero of them all

Stuff I did write about this tee: Umm this tee is ace.

Stuff I didn't write about this tee:
'When asked to reinterprate the Ninja Tune logo, Mr Scuff drew upon his seaside surroundings to imagine what exactly a deadly record wielding Ninja would be like if say it was to be part of the marine life family... the answer... a fat glutenous tuna. Totally makes sense to us. As Scruff says "if it's in the brine, it's mine".'

Gets it from: The Ninja Tune Shop
With caché: US$22

Chop Shop

How good is this tee. Love it and adore it. I'd marry it if it were a different colour, but I don't have a concrete reason to back that up. Funny how life works. Anyway, this comes in spiffing glow-in-the-dark ink and you also get a free tatt with it. The kind that washes off, not the burning needles kind.
Have you guys seen that pic of Tron-Guy dressed in his little home-made Tron fancy dress outfit? He's the greatest man alive. Ima not give you a link because if you don't look it up yourselves you don't deserve.

Get Tronned-up at: Chop Shop
What a total bargain at: US$15

sales galore

Browsing through the sales about the place I came across these from Cotton Factory (left) and Shirt Stain (right). I think they're nice. That's all.

From: CottonFactory & Shirt Stain
For: US$10

St. Regis Resort Monarch Beach Wedding Pictures

Elizabeth and Todd are one of the most romantic, fun, and sexy couples that I've photographed. You can see for yourself by checking out their e-session last month. They were such a pleasure to shoot because they trusted my artistic eye and and were always willing to be affectionate in front of the camera. On their wedding day we started their photo session at the spectacular St. Regis Resort in Monarch Bay. I was also fortunate to have my friend Timco come all the way from Florida to shoot with me today!

Feel free to click on any image to view it larger.

After the reception we convinced Todd and Elizabeth to have some fun in the St. Regis fountain. These HOT images were taken out in front of the main entrance to the resort!

Click here to see a slideshow of my favorite images.
Tags: St Regis Monarch Beach wedding pictures, Orange County wedding photography, St Regis wedding photos, romantic portraits at St Regis Resort in Monarch Bay

nerdy shirts real life review

Welcome to our latest RLR in which we'll discuss 'Nostalgia' from Nerdy Shirts. Well, we won't be discussing it, I'll just be tellin'.
Anyways, here we have us another Olly Moss special which some have called 'the ultimate shirt'. I must disagree and counter that Olly Moss' 'Ultimate Shirt' is in fact the ultimate shirt, though this one comes ga-damn close.
Being of American Apparel stock, the tee washes well and fits like a moose for your body. A body moose.
What's not to like about this great tee? Well the two separate colours are hard to discern but that's not really an issue, just saying, is all.
While you're over at Nerdy Shirts check out another of my favourites 'Bauer Power' and keep your eyes peeled for Olly's newest addition coming soon... it's a beauty.
Advantages: Olly Moss is my hero.
Disadvantages: Everyone keeps asking whether the little company logo on the back is a sticker.
Buy it from: Nerdy Shirts
Get out your wallets: US$20
In stock: lady: S-L man: S-XL
Model models: Ladies M

revamp at beautiful/decay

Artists and musicians rejoice as Beautiful/Decay re-launches with new products and an easier to use site. Tee artists include Poketo, Blood is the New Black, Heavy Rotation and one of my favourites, Go Ape.

Get dressed at: Beautiful/Decay
$$$: Around US$20-30

insanely great icons

Insanely Great Tees never fails to produce greatness for the Mac set, and now they deliver greatness to the digicammers with this camera icon tee available in fetching American Apparel gurbandy (or burgundy if you prefer.)
I'm glad the equal rights for women marches paid off, cause IGT now have ladies tees! (Though not for this design, it would seem).

From: Insanely Great Tees
For: $US17

Engagement Pictures Angels Stadium Anaheim

Jamie and Victor are big time fans of The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. So for their engagement pictures, they brought with them two sets of baseball jerseys, two sets of hats, a baseball bat, gloves, you name it. We were in for a cool e-session at the Angels Stadium!

Orange County wedding photography, engagement pictures at Angels Stadium, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Stadium portraits

rrp off is cool

How good is RRP Off. All their tees are guaranteed to be battle tested and are modeled by only the tip-top-est of bearded gents. One day I hope to meet their intrepid model Baron (and the rest of the gentlemen on leisure) but until then I'll just have to get a tee instead.
From: RRP Off
For: $US20
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