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FOR THE BRIDE: What's Your Sign?

Bridal lovelies, are you into horoscopes? I love horoscopes. I am a Sagittarius (my birthday is tomorrow! Yay!). So if you know your sign, head on over to JLM Couture. They have mapped out your horoscope and a corresponding dress for your particular zodiac sign. See if your zodiac info sounds like you. I know that mine does. Even though I do not believe in any way that Miley Cyrus is a style icon. Ummmm, fellow Sag Katie Holmes a style icon!!!!

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Personality: As a Sagittarius, you're one of the wanderers of the zodiac - you're on an endless odyssey to find the meaning of life. You're an adventurer. A truth-seeker. Above all else, you value freedom. Your thrilling, nomadic lifestyle means you have no shortage of stories and make a great entertainer.

Your Sign's Style: You're a free spirit and your clothes are sensibly chic. It's all about layers - pullovers, leg warmers, and flannels paired with comfy jeans and leggings.

Your Wedding Dress Horoscope: Renew your passport - if anyone's a destination bride, it's you. You'll need a beachy wedding gown that's a breeze to pack. The goddess gown was made for you Sagittarius! Leave your hair free and flowing.

Style icon who shares your sign: Miley Cyrus

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