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Modern Wedding Invitations

Modern Wedding InvitationsWhen brides are looking for modern wedding invitations, many are considering using the pocket fold style. This style of wedding stationery is sleek, impressive and stylish. There are many different things you can do to ensure that you have modern invitations, from using photos, vivid colors, unique fonts and designs, but the pocket fold may very well be the most modern of the wedding invitations available on the market today.

Even though this type of stationery is beautiful and wonderful in many ways, the price tag is also higher than standard stationery. Just like any other product you buy for your wedding the pricing is varied from store to store across the internet and in local shops. Even with differing prices the majority you will see is in the range of $3 - 5 per invitation. That can quickly add up, especially if you have a large wedding in mind. Of course for some the price is worth it.

Modern Wedding InvitationsIf you spend some time looking online you may be able to find cheaper styles available or you could choose to design your own or purchases a DIY kit for your pocket fold wedding invitations. The choice is up to you.

Outside of the price there is really no other deterent for choosing this type of stationery for your big day. This style is not only beautiful but it is practical. Let me explain. The most common invitation used in weddings is the flat invitation. There is certainly nothing wrong with this style, it can also be beautiful and modern as you so desire. The difference comes in the presentation.

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