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10 Inspiring Home Interiors

After about two months of living in LA, I'm finally starting to feel like planting my roots in the ground (well until we move again...LOL) This means HOUSE DECORATING! The interiors posted below lean towards a shabby bohemian feel. Sometimes I really love that "pretty + messy" look and other times I suddenly want super streamlined, mid-century modern simplicity. There has to be a happy medium, right? More design and interior posts in the future as I move forward with turning our LA house into a home.

Image credits: 1.] Sandra Juto 2.] smile + wave 3.] Hello Lolla 4.] HB Gordon 5.] Encantada 6.] 56 Steps 7.] Ethan Ollie 8.] Solution Soap 9.] PaperNStitch 10.] omoo

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