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Picturing the Past, Vintage Photographs of Our Mothers

Before they were our mothers, they were young women who wore their hearts on their sleeves, giggled and gossiped with their girlfriends, and had lovely romantic adventures before the grandest adventure of all (motherhood!) All the vintage photographs below were scanned by either a son or daughter or a grandson or granddaughter. I've added the photo caption as well, I always love the story behind the photograph.

"Summer 1928 in Aalborg, Denmark: My mother (at left) and two of her girlfriends, dressed for 'The roaring twenties'"

Dad & Mom in Morocco, 1954: This was shortly after they met. My dad was stationed in Morocco with the Air Force. My mom was visiting her sister whose husband was also stationed there. Within six weeks, my parents were engaged.

Truth, Lies and Betrayal: This is a shot of my mother and Fred on one of their first dates in 1939. It was taken on the porch of my mom's home in Verdun, Montreal Canada. Fred became mom's first husband, father to my oldest brother and a life-long friend to me. They were together from the time she was 17 in 1939, married in 1945, until she left him shortly after my oldest brother was born in 1950.

Shanghai, Mom on date with Dad, 1947-48: Military issue blanket that is in so many of these pictures my father took of her

What a lovely group of friends! There were not any captions for the pictures unfortunately.

Vintage polaroid, Mom & Dad, 1968: An old vintage polaroid of my mom and dad looking at another polaroid.

Vintage, Pregnant Mom 1968: I'm in my mom's belly here as she stands under the shade of a tree in my grandma's backyard.

Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers, Grandmothers, Mothers-To-Be and last (but certainly not least!) the Stepmothers!!

Image credits: 1.} fredesorensen, 2.} marydenise6, 3.} musicmuse_ca, 4.} Spysgrandson, 5.} & 6.} Photo CH, 7.} & 8.} Freeparking

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