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What I Would Wear Today: Polka Dot Chiffon Blouse & Khaki High Waist Shorts

I found two super cute vintage khaki shorts today and both are high waisted! I am so excited to wear them for summer. I also found a lot of pretty cream and white blouses, not all vintage though, but will get plenty of wear over the next few years. I thought about it today and realized my wardrobe is about 80% recycled or vintage. YAY me! My goal is to wear 100% recycled clothing or vintage. But darn those Anthropologie sales.

BTW, a little nerdy FYI, did you know an estimated 12.4 MILLION TONS of textiles were generated in 2008? HOLY COW. If everyone cut back on buying NEW clothing and purchased vintage or secondhand, that number would dwindle significantly!

UM... and also 2,000 POUNDS = 1 TON. AHhh, the waste we generate is just baffling!

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