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Vintage Streetstyle | Real Style + Fashions from the 1930s

I cannot express enough how looking through vintage photographs can be the best source for learning more about vintage clothing and styles from the past! And old photographs are just super fun to look at anyway ^_^. Here are a few of my favorites from the "Original 1930s Photos" Flickr Group.

Mom & Aunt Louise Sposi Money Order Department - postal orders Savings Bank SS Ausonia SS Ausonia My Maternal Grandmother & Aunt: Circa 1930 The Boat from Ryde : Isle of Wight - 1934 1934 1937 Dal mio cassetto The Hitchcock Family

I LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥ 1930s style. I always feel like the 30s has too much of the 20s and too much of the 40s so that sometimes the 30s are a little hard to define. But as far as my personal style goes, I find the 30s to be my main source of inspiration. Loose trousers (belted), feminine blouses that aren't too broad across the shoulders always with a pretty detail (collars, ties, bows, etc), and I love little floral prints and soft flowing fabrics. Also, the length of most of the items are pretty close to the length of everything I wear, but then again, that probably has a lot to do with me being a smidgen over 5 feet tall. *hehe* So everything is below the knee...

Mmmm... I would wear every single outfit depicted in each of these photographs, even the little girls' blouses. So darn cute!

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