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Lily Elsie, the most photographed woman of Edwardian times...

"Everyone agrees that Lily Elsie has the most kissable mouth in all England... she possesses the Cupid's bow outline with the ends curving upward delicately, all ready for smiles.... Strangely enough, the women of the land were among her most devoted admirers." - Lily Elsie Recalls her Renunciation", Atlanta Constitution, 21 November 1915 from Wikipedia

Edwardes took Elsie to Lucile for what might today be called a 'style makeover'. One of the first things they did was to make her alter the style of her hairdressing and after one or two experiments to see what suited her, evolved the fashion of coiling it neatly and flat to that beautifully shaped little head of hers. The result was a complete change in her appearance and Edwardes was as delighted with it as much as she was.

Although her fame and fortune came entirely from public appearances she was painfully shy. After just a few years on the stage she retired to a quite life away from the public eye.

Lily Elsie was an English actress and singer in the early 1900s. Her dresses, jewelry, and headpieces for her roles in plays such as "The Merry Widow" and "A Chinese Honeymoon" are so beautiful to me, I could even see some of the jewelry and hair accessories translated to modern day wear. Oh, so much loveliness!

Image Credits: Lily Elsie Set, LIFE Magazine

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