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Red Evening Dress

Choice is not only sophisticated and sexy, it is also nontraditional. More traditional colors for prom dresses are prints, brights, pastels, and even white but also red evening dress can easily be worn as bridal gowns, bridesmaid's dresses, and for other spring and summer formal occasions. But to the modern eye, light-colored dresses seem less like formal attire for an evening.
red-evening-dressthe red evening dress speaks loudly! When choosing a red dress, be prepared to receive a lot of attention. Focus on a evening dress and fabric that will enhance your body style by framing your best features. Consider keeping your shoes, bag, and other accessories neutral and classic so that they don't "fight" with the dress. While the red dress will be something everyone remembers, you will be able to use the accessories again and again.
red-evening-dressIf you choose a full length red dress, particularly one of shiny satin, taffeta, or a great deal of tulle, consider getting one which can be altered for club wear and semi-formal occasions. Even a short red dress is more formal than a short dress of another color, however.
red-evening-dressLook for a style you can dress up for prom and other formal occasions, perhaps with stockings with rhinestones or seams or patterns, with unusual shoes of any color, and with a suite of elegant accessories: evening bag, shrug, jewelry, and your flowers. You can dress it "down" with simpler accessories for openings, concerts, and dinner out on the town. You can also jazz it up for clubbing.

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