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Pre 1920s Fashion & Beauty Advertisements

I cannot imagine having to wear a maternity corset! The thought of it seems so painful! I do love that in the advertisement the mother-to-be is sewing a little bonnet for her new baby, so sweet. I love the blouses from this era (early 20th century, 1900 to 1920) They were all so delicate and feminine and featured many details I look for in modern day blouses such as eyelet, broderie anglaise, petite pleats, scalloped lace... I've recently acquired an antique blouse but unfortunately it's much too small therefore will only look lovely as a display piece. *sigh* Oh well.

Image Credits:
1.} Maternity Corset, 2.} Corsets from the Sears Roebuck Catalog (c) 1908 , 3.} The Mother's Magazine (c) 1916, 4.} Pearline Ad (c) 1896, 5.} 1919 Dressmaking Lessons Advertisement, 6.} Good Housekeeping Vintage Ad for Talcum Powder (c) 1906, 7.} Coconut Shampoo Ad (c) 1919, 8.} Gordon Dye Hosiery (c) 1905

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