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The Dragon

Gao Ru or “Rosie” has finished my Dragon painting. It is exactly what I was trying to convey with the dragon leaving the hardships of winter to attain a goal in the spring symbolizing perseverance. I uploaded the picture into my blog so you could all see it. In fact, Rosie asked if I knew anyone else who would like such a painting. I paid a little over 200 RMB for this which is around 25 dollars. I think the personal touch is worth the price. It is not every day that you can personally request a painting from an artist. With that said if anyone has requests please email me and I can bring you back a painting.

Things have been pretty quiet on this front, but today I had one of those moments that allow me to truly see my progress. Coming back in the cab from teaching English I had a 45 minute conversation with the taxi driver without a pause…all in Chinese of course. Little things like this make me happy.

I am now into my two week count down for Thailand. I will be leaving on the 9th of April to go to Bangkok and Phuket for the week. It is finally time for some fresh beach air and sun!

Jordan J. Foley

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