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The Royal Wedding

Somehow I started reading about Royal Wedding food themes. The L.A. Times Daily Dish blog reports that 10,000 canapes will be served, and offers recipes in case you want to have a party to celebrate the wedding. Their recipes are amazing -- flavors from many, many cultures. Probably better than the real thing. Making all 22 of them would require a nearly regal kitchen brigade, I bet, though a few of them could make a nice party.

CNN has a general report on wedding events and trends, such as the Dunkin Donuts limited-edition Royal Wedding donut available only from April 24-29. Also a description of the "groom's cake" to be served alongside the couple's official wedding cake. This will be made from McVittie's Rich Tea biscuits. And for a complete discussion and history of Rich Tea biscuits -- "invented in the 17th century for the upper classes as light snack between meals and impregnating the scullery maids" -- see this at the Guardian.

What a coincidence: I have been eating Rich Tea biscuits (though the wrong brand) for a couple of weeks -- I bought them at a grocery store when we were in Ireland. In fact, in Northern Ireland, so they really came from the English realm! I can report that they are not as sweet as American cookies -- in fact, a little tasteless compared to say, Girl Scout cookies. But there you are. The Royal Groom's Cake will contain 1700 of them, as attested by this photo, supposedly:

The best Royal Wedding Kitchen Item is a Royal Wedding Refrigerator (it's a joke from here: What’s not to like?):

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