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Make it Memorable Monday: The power of a compliment

Welcome back to Make it Memorable Monday! This week's post comes from the front seat of my car. I am sitting here, motor running (environmentally bad, I know), air conditioning on, radio playing, and THANKFULLY the babe asleep in the back.

We've had a rough  couple of days with the boy having high fevers, congestion and teething and sleeping issues. I am tired, worried, un-showered (eek!) and goodness knows what I am wearing! So sitting in the car while the boy sleeps seems like bliss.

So, what's all this got to do with Make it Memorable Monday? Well, this morning before heading to work my husband stopped, hugged me, and said, "you are doing a great job. You are a fantastic Mum." Wow! Trust me when I say, that was unexpected! But those simple words came at exactly the right time. I was dreading the day ahead, but that simple praise, helped me keep going today despite the exhaustion. So this is what I would love you to focus on today - the act of simply giving a compliment.

The Human Resources consultant in me (yes, that's my 'day job') could recite plenty of academic studies that prove the value of positive feedback on performance. But I don't have to. You know it already don't you? You know how much better you feel when someone has told you that you are doing a great job. You see the spring in the step of someone when you've noted their efforts, or the sparkle in your kids eyes when you praise them. We love compliments and it is powerful.

via Martha Stewart

So how can you give feedback or a compliment to others in a way that makes it memorable? Well, first and foremost - just saying it makes it memorable. It's that easy. Free too! Here are some tips in giving feedback:
  • Be specific. Don't just say 'you are a great cook' say 'that chicken roast that you made was delicious'
  • Acknowledge the effort or time that they've made. For example 'you worked really hard for that grade - well done'. 
  • Don't expect a compliment in return. It's a bit like a gift, you give it for the joy of giving, not receiving. 
  • Let them know how their efforts have affected you "your great customer service has brightened my day" 
  • If you feel a bit shy why not write down your thoughts? Grab some super sweet note cards, a sheet of paper or bash out an email. Anything. Just do it! 
  • Practice, practice, practice. 
Now, I am not a psychology expert, so there is probably heaps more tips on giving compliments or positive feedback, but this is all my sleep deprived brain can handle today. The main thing here is that you REMEMBER how important our words are to others. This is nothing new, you know this stuff. You can make someone's day MEMORABLE just by saying a few carefully thought out words.

The French Nest Co.

I would LOVE to hear your ideas or experiences with the power of praise. If you've got a story, please post a comment and inspire the rest of us!

Okay, that's it for me for tonight. I really hope that I have encouraged you to go and compliment someone today. Right now in fact. Just make sure it's genuine.

Till next time

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