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Medieval Wedding Theme

Things Must be Considered in The Medieval Wedding Theme

If you love history (especially the Renaissance period), then a medieval wedding theme could be just right for you. Think of how much more memorable a theme wedding will be. There are lots of choices on how to get started.

You can go all out, and make it a formal wedding with an atmosphere of royalty as the others of Gothic Wedding Theme , or dress in the simpler clothes of those times, such as robes or peasant wear.

Color Schemes
- If you pick a royal style wedding choose burgundy, gold and other jewel colored tones.
- For the peasant version the colors can be less rich and more earth tones such as browns, tans and forest green.

There are plenty of ideas and shapes you can use in the invitations to make them feel medieval.
- Parchment paper or at least paper that looks like parchment paper can be used to create a medieval time's, 'old paper' effect.
- Use Gothic style language and script on the invitations. For example, start the wording with "Hear Ye Hear Ye".
- Cut the invitations into the shape of a castle, or a knight in shining armor.

- Flowers such as heirloom variety of roses in pinks, burgundy, and off white or white could be used in a royal version. Research a bit and try to find ones that may have been popular back in that era. If not find the oldest heirloom roses that you can.
- Lavish bouquets should be used for the royal version.
- Gold vases and floral containers for the roses used for the royal version.
- Wildflowers are great for the peasant version.
- Use clay pots and containers for the wildflowers in the peasant version.

- For the Royal version, make the room look like the inside of a castle. This could be done effectively with murals that you hang on the walls.
- Add some antique looking gold or silver candlesticks and candles for an authentic look for the royal version.
- For the peasant version you want more of a town square feel.
- Set pottery vases of wild flowers on the tables with no tablecloths. If possible use rough wood tables.
- Wooden candle holders and candles are more suited to the peasant version.
Whether you do the royal version or the peasant version have a feast of historically correct foods.
- Mutton
- Turkey
- Venison
- Cheeses
- Fresh fruit
- Tarts
- Custards
- Serve bread in round loaves uncut to add more authenticity.
Drinks could include ale, beer, mulled wine, milk, and water.
- Have a wedding cake made into the shape of a castle, adorned with the same color of flowers to match your decorations, or eatable flowers made of sugar.

- Place gold and silver wrapped chocolate coins in a small velvet pouch. Try to find chocolates that have a renaissance type look to them.
- If your budget allows, give your guests a single wooden candlestick that has your initials engraved on it.

- Old stone churches
- Large floral gardens
- Castles (if your budget allows)

Get creative with your ideas, and you'll definitely make your medieval wedding theme one to remember!

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