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Victorian Fantasy Wedding Dress

Victorian_Fantasy_Wedding_DressThe Wedding Day has arrived, the most important event in a Victorian girl's life. It is the day her mother has prepared her for from the moment she was born. The Victorian girl knew no other ambition. She would marry, and she would marry well.

Once the bride chose her wedding day, a prerogative conferred upon her by the groom, she could begin planning her trousseau, the most important item of which was her wedding dress. The early Gothic Victorian wedding dress had a fitted bodice, small waist, and full skirt (over hoops and petticoats.) It was made of organdy, tulle, lace, gauze, silk, linen or cashmere. The veil was a fine gauze, sheer cotton or lace. The reasonable cost of a wedding gown in 1850 was $500, according to Godey's, with $125 for a veil. By 1861, more elaborate gowns cost as much as $1500 if constructed with lace.

In the early Victorian era, the bridegroom wore a frock coat of blue, mulberry or claret, and a flower favor in his lapel. By 1865, men's coats were tailored with a special "flower-hole" for this purpose. By the mid-Victorian era, frock coats were seldom worn, the morning coat being preferable because of its smarter appearance. Some grooms still wore frock coats, however, and did so with a vest of black cloth, dark gray trousers, a folded cravat of medium color, and lavender gloves stitched in black.

This Red Victorian wedding dress below is pure magic and inspired by old world fashion and Cinderella's magic night. This dress is flattering in every shape. Created with a delicate champagne dupioni silk. A fully boned 4 layered corset on top with white grometts and cream ribbon lacing. Easy to put on with a side zipper. Decorated with ruffled cream lace and hand sewen glass perals and crystals. The bottom of the corset is flared and frosted with a pleated satin white ruffle accented with lace Can be made with our without off the shoulder satin sleeves.

The skirt is a full ball gown look with a petticoat. Made in two tiered ruffled skirt that spills out in rich gathers. This Victorian wedding dress is shown with a petticoat that is sold separately. Without a petticoat it is still beautiful but will not be as full as the picture.

Victorian Fantasy Wedding Dress is also available in white glamor - please click image to enlarge!


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