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Vintage for your Man: Teddy Boys Style

"The British Teddy Boy subculture is typified by young men wearing clothes that were partly inspired by the styles worn by dandies in the Edwardian period." - "It featured tapered trousers, long jackets and fancy waist coats." - "Teddy Boys made it acceptable for the first time in post-war Britain for young people to care intensely about what they looked like, and to dress for show, instead of having work or school clothes and Sunday-best." - Wikipedia

teddyboystyle2 teddyboystyle1

The thing I find most amusing about this style was that teenagers started dressing this way to SHOCK their parents.

Edwardian Men Style - the inspiration for Teddy Boy fashion


Image Credits: 1.] & 2.] Teddy Boys in the 1950s in Manchester ZS Fashion Sourcebook, 3.] Edwardian Men photo via Flickr 4.] Teddy Boys Group Photo from Julianne FSH Sourcebook, 5.] Teddy Boy Stephanie Fashion Scoop

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