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Wishlist: Vintage Modern Industrial Office

Ever since I got an invite for Pinterest, I've been pinning inspirations all over the web. Lots of interior design ideas as that's kind of where my head is at right now. I hate when I start feeling like my space is getting stale. It makes me a bit stir crazy and I need SOMETHING to change. Maybe I'll go buy the Louis Ghost Chair... I've been wanting one for YEARS!
Wishlist - Industrial Vintage Office

Credits + Where to Buy:

1.] Vintage Industrial 1930s Garment Rack, 2.] 1920's Two Tier Vintage Industrial Table, and 4.] 19th Century Wall Mount Bulletin Board all from Urban Remains Chicago via Myles Henry Blog

3.] Vintage Inspired Dress Form from Superiormodel.com

5.] Kartell Louis Ghost Chair from AllModern.com

6.] Flessas Designs Antlers from 1stdibs.com

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