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Back in the good old days...VINTAGE GOWN

During my quest to find pretty ball gowns, I have stumbled on this AMAZING site, VINTAGEGOWN.com. I have always been in love with gowns of the past, and by past, I don't mean the horrid gowns from the 80's I've often feature here that are best forgotten. It's not so much the gowns on this site, but the history of beautiful gowns, and the VEILS! I am probably as obsessed with veils as I am with dresses, but one so rarely sees beautiful veils. They even have a section on "opera glove etiquette"! Today's wedding dress designers could learn so much about class, style, and real beauty from days gone by.

So then I wanted to post some photos, but the website wouldn't let me copy them, so I found this other site, sovintagepatterns.com, with all kind of sewing patters, and well, I can't sew, but having seen some of these, I really wish I could! (all photos from sovinatepatterns.com)

I even managed to find some ball gowns :)

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