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Confused and Designer British Wedding Dress

Continuing with our designer extravaganza, and figuring when in Europe, today Style Diva's going to review British designer Jane Wilson-Marquis. Born in Britain, years of experience, this that. Her website's got couture and ready to wear, and while nothing is outstanding and there are some duds, I can't really make up my mind about this one. Would I buy any of her dresses? No. Are they so ugly humanity should be spared the waste in fabric? For the most part, NO. Judge for yourself-I've picked out some do's and some don't-you-dare-wear. Most of the duds came from the couture line. Hmmm.

Kind of pride and prejudice, British country side. Different and lovely.

Style Diva's not a fan of sashes. But for a simple dress, this one is a winner.

This one might be a lapse in Style Diva's judgement, but something about it just speaks to me. Maybe it's the hip bow. Just glad to see it not on the ass. The second one reminds me of my mother's wedding dress, so it's IN.


At first glance so pretty.....

And then we see the bottom. What happened Julia? Did the skirt get all bundled up in the laundry? No time to straighten it out? Maybe the local dry cleaner could have helped? I have the number of a really good one....

Umm, not really sure what happened below. Is there a gale-force wind in the studio? Will the dress act as a parachute should a Tornado come through and whisk the bride away to Oz?

She just couldn't help herself. Little bunny foo foo hopping down the aisle...

Great if you were getting married in Italy. In the 16th century. In a forest full of elves. And talking animals. Could also be great to wear to a Renaissance Festival! Seriously!

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