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Currently Loving: LONNY Magazine March/April 2011

When Domino magazine was pulled off shelves I might have shed a tear of two. After all, I felt Domino was the first interior design magazine that "got me"... it wasn't quite as New England as Martha Stewart, not quite as shabby chic as Cottage Style, and not quite is posh as ELLE Decor. It was the happy Goldie Locks of interior design.

But now, there's { LONNY MAGAZINE }, basically an online version of Domino. (Hooray! Hooray!)

lonnymagazine-1 lonnymagazine-2 lonnymagazine-3 lonnymagazine-4 lonnymagazine-5 lonnymagazine-6 lonnymagazine-7 lonnymagazine-8 lonnymagazine-9

I hope you liked the lovely magazine screencaps from LONNY, be sure to read the entire issue, it's full of inspiring images! You can view the entire issue here: Lonny Magazine March/April 2011

Image Credits: All images were screencapped from Lonny Magazine online.

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