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Oh so Pretty...With BrideChic dress

I am still so overjoyed that my friend is getting married, I have decided that for the next week or so, instead of celebrating the ugly of Craigslist, I will celebrate some of the pretty dresses I have found through Craigslist postings.

A recent posting in Denver Craigslist that I mentioned in this blog led me to the Watters website, www.watters.com. I have to say, I found several of their gowns very inspirational-simple yet beautiful, and skillfully incorporating some of "in-style" features that are just so "in" right now, like the sash or a skirt that looks like layers and layers of shaving cream, but doing so in a way that's very tolerable, and even pleasant on the eye. I will not feature many of the sashed numbers here, but there are plenty on the site that even Style Diva approves of. (I couldn't save photos from the Watters site, so all these photos are of Watters gowns, but from House of Brides.com which bills itself as "the world larges online wedding store.")

I should also mention that the Watters website features beautiful bridesmaids dresses as well. It even offers suggestion of matching bridesmaid styles when you click on a particular gown. If you are looking for a simple wedding gown, some of those bridesmaids dresses could easily be turned into a gorgeous dress for down-to-earth bride.

A note about our next entry: "Princess/Puffy Dress Do's"

I will start with my very favorite. I have always loved sleeves on wedding dresses. But sleeves, as we have seen so many times here in this blog, can so easily go so wrong. But in the number below, the sleeves, the dress, the body, the skirt, they are all just so right.

Here are some more faves:

And even something for the more non-traditional bride:

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