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Must be the season Dresses FLUGY

On the heals of one friend getting married in San Fran earlier this month, this morning great news from Chicago-a friend is engaged! Now, this being one of the sweetest, kindest people I know (you have to be to be a teacher I think), I have decided to dedicate this posting to her. Even though my friend readily agreed to have Style Diva approve via the web all potential wedding dress choices, I dedicate this posting of Craigslist Chicago Don'ts to my dear friend, as a warning. Chicagoans may have great pizza, and great culture, and great wind, but it seems at times not the best taste (obviously this would not apply to my friend).

In fact, Chicago brings us the first winner of the "This is So FUGLY I don't know if I should even expose my readers to it" award.

I really feel this one requires no explanation. I might just note that the ad claims this is a "designer, hand-made dress." Hand-made by whom? A blind want-to-be debutant from Texas?

For $200, you too can own this "one of a kind."

Next we have a designer, Ulla Maija dress. I strongly urge anyone planning to buy a wedding dress, and in particular a designer one, to visit this site for examples of what NOT to spend your money on, because it doesn't even look like the model can pull off those numbers. The one below is offered for $1800. The top reminds me of another designer dress, the one Kat from TomKat wore to her wedding. And we didn't like that one either. Looks like the designers are all having "original" ideas that might just be too original for us normal people.

I may have to hand out a second "Fugliest Ever Award" all in this one post. Our next "winner" combines all the best of a FUGLY wedding dress-too much shine, too much ruffle, too much puff sleeve, and of course, the too much ass bow. This one is billed as "slightly used." Pity on the soul who used it for anything other than a Halloween outfit.

A note to my friend: I tried hard, for your sake, and even hoped, that Craigslist Chicago would be chuck-full of beautiful gowns for sale, and then I could post them up here to let you know that indeed, Chicago knows wedding style. Unfortunately, there were slim stylin' pickings. But I did find this one dress. It is an Oleg Cassini, (I assume the photo is from the official website) and maybe not as Couture as some of the dresses we've mentioned here, but still, so pleasant on the eyes. And the veil is nice too. It makes me hopeful that at least one bride in Chicago had some style sense! I know you will outdo them all and wow us!

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