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The Medieval Feast Table

Medieval feasts were on holidays or special days, like a wedding. We know that the courts about the nature of the food in this area and, depending mainly depending on the Celts status position in the medieval year. We know that sometimes food is coming from other countries for the medieval fair chance, if they say - came a dowry.

The food can be of particular foods from your own country and culture, but if you're in the noble would have some exotic meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts import. Yes, Celtic festivals such as the medieval festivals have been developed, but not let that frighten them. Now 3 course ends with something sweet. The general rule is subject to the medieval festival occasion, more formal, more imaginative desserts. Heavy digest food come to an end. Water, ale, beer, mead, milk and wine flowed freely. Cider and later becoming more popular. Wine was believed to nourish the body to restore health to clarify the digestion, ideas, open the arteries, help to cure melancholy and reproduction.

Everyone carried around a dirk (long knife). There was water bowls and cloth napkins, so that everyone shared. Medieval festivals are usually followed by hours of dancing, singers, bands and musicians.

If you are invited, or invite people to go to a medieval feast theme event, make sure you or your guests will know when a farmer is more or style feast will be as high nobles, princes and kings. If you plan to sew your own costume, use upholstery fabrics. Choose colors like deep blue, deep green, deep red, yellow and chocolate brown.

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