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Wedding Anniversary Invitations

Wedding Anniversary Invitations - Verses For the Occasion
By Nic Portier

For each year of marriage what bonds you together obviously grows stronger. An ideal way to share this with your friends and loved ones in to include a verse on your wedding anniversary invitations.

These verses can take many forms and are fun to include. It doesn't matter what style of card you select, the verse can be positioned on the front, the inside cover or in the case of a flip top card on the inside top. In keeping with the style of your card you can chose a font or colors that match the card or alternatively choose a color or font that adds contrast for something a little different.

The verse you choose can be as unique as your relationship. It can reflect your growing love for each other and the comfort that comes from being able to rely on the special person in your life. Another style of verse is to include a brief summary of your lives together so far, from your wedding day, honeymoon, the arrival of children and subsequent years and depending on the length of time you have been married the raising of the family and their own departure.

Wedding anniversary invitationsWedding anniversary invitations have verses that can say so much about your relationship with each other. The verses you chose on your wedding anniversary invitations can also be humorous and depict the lighter and funnier side of married life. Showing how a sense of humor in marriage is fun and almost always vital! Laughing together and sharing these times adds another dimension to your anniversary celebrations. As well as humor you could include some about things you are both passionate about, including, gardening, gold prospecting, golf or even scuba diving.

Wedding anniversary invitations can have verses that are heartfelt, warm, humors or a brief history. They can be prose, short sentences or even rhyming. Whether you choose from some of the already written verses or choose to design one yourself you can have a verse that sums up what you feel for each other and reflect of your lives and share is with friends, family and those closest to you.

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