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Wedding Cake Boxes

Shopping For Cupcake and Wedding Cake Boxes
By Dessie Campbell

Wedding cake boxes
Wedding cake boxes and cupcake boxes are probably the most specialized bakery boxes on the market today. Wedding cakes come in many shapes and sizes. Finding or designing a fabulous wedding cake is hard enough but having to decide which cake box best fits your design is an entirely different problem. Modern brides combine tradition with a little bit of their own personal taste to create an intimate and memorable day for all present. Cupcake wedding cakes are an example of a traditional element that has been combined with modern design. Unfortunately wedding cupcake boxes are not as easy to find as regular wedding cake boxes.

Most bakery boxes are made of some type of cardboard or plastic. Cardboard boxes come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Matching your wedding cake boxes to other accent colors in your wedding decor is probably a good idea but when that becomes too expensive or impossible you may need to comprise. A good compromise would be to purchase a white or solid colored box. Use ribbons or other colorful adornments to find a match that works better. Cardboard cupcake boxes are not usually intended for wedding cupcakes so you will definitely have to find some other kind of compromise in the case of cupcake wedding cakes.

When shopping for any type of wedding cake box keep in mind that you don't have to necessarily worry too much about the look of the box. The main purpose of each box is to transport a piece of your wedding cake to the hands and homes of your guests. Most people will throw the box away anyway so it's kind of silly to spend too much money on getting fancy boxes or fancy ribbons just so they eventually end up in trash can somewhere. You can find and purchase all kinds of bakery boxes online. Some are sold in bulk to save you even more money. If you know the style and amount you want, finding a solution that can work for both your design and budget should not be too difficult.

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