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The (mis)Adventures of Owning a E-Biz

Oh dear... I've messed something up. *sigh* So this morning I was trying to set up domain forwarding for AdoreVintage and did it backwards so I reset so I could fix it and do it right and instead I got added in the "Slow Reset" list for my hosting company. Usually these things fix themselves ASAP but apparently mine is going to take 3-4 hours. *cries*

So, what to do in the meantime as I can't access any part of my site (sorry for the broken images)...

Guess I'll get to organizing the stock closet. I usually organize by color, but since I literally have a closet now (as opposed to having an entire room) to house everything, I need to rework how everything is laid out because I am having the hardest time finding anything.

Hopefully my site is up and running again in a few hours! *crosses fingers*

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