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Simple Wedding Dress For Your Big Day

Somewhere out there is a woman who shrieks at her groom, family, and friends because she wants a no fuss, simple wedding dress. They are all telling her that the wedding is a glamorous event which requires a glamorous gown. She reiterates by saying that she can still look her best even if she has a simple and low profile wedding gown. Aside from being not too conspicuous in her own wedding, she will also be able to save some money. They all sigh dejectedly and let the woman have her merry way with whatever wedding gown that suits her desires. The next problem of the woman is her style options for her wedding gown.

An example of a design for a simple wedding dress is the white or ivory straight dress. Its simplicity can be attributed to the fact that it has the least of embellishments and does not require extra decoration. It may even come without a veil, is sold at a cheap price even if it possesses all the necessary floral designs on the upper part which is suitable for a couple who is trying to save some money. These simple dresses are usually used in beach weddings and traditional weddings which are designed not to attract too much attention to the bride and the groom.

For a simple wedding, one can wear a colored but modest wedding gown which has lace parts at the hands or the chest. One tip to consider when buying a wedding gown even if it is designed to be as plain as possible is to search for one that still flatters the body type of the wearer and blends with the theme of the wedding. The season and appropriateness of the dress should also be considered. For the fashion conscious bride who will tie the knot this year or next year, she can choose among the myriad of designs for her wedding dress.

The bride can choose to wear sheaths, trumpets, and column wedding dresses which are seen being modeled in the platform. She can also experiment with the colorful details by adding color to the traditional white gown through the help of applique details and colorful sashes. If she wants, she can have a two toned wedding gown with a colored bodice paired with a white or an off-white skirt since it can also produce the necessary dramatic effect. If the bride wants to expose a little bit of skin from the leg area, she can have a dress with a high hemline by wearing a tea length or a mini shift dress. This wedding gown design is also advantageous for the bride who plans to spend the night dancing in her wedding reception.

For a simple wedding dress, the romantic bride can also wear organza, tulle, or chiffon which creates a soft yet dramatic effect. If the season when the wedding is to be made is the summer season, the bride should opt for a dress which is made of a light fabric so that she will not end up sweaty and red faced on the pictures taken during her big day. There are many things such as the budget, the design, the color, as well as the weather or the season that are to be considered when looking for the perfect wedding dress but certainly, if you are like every dreamy bride, you would definitely want the wedding gown of your dreams for your big day.

By Christina Gruble

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