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Plus Size Ladies Dress

How to Dress If You Are a Plus Size

plus-size-ladies-dressAre you thinking that the fashion for plus size ladies dress are limited? Time has changed where designers and manufactures are looking into the basic clothing for plus size ladies from season to season. With this, you really do not have to worry about not having the right style in your wardrobe when the season comes. Some basic things you need to know to organize your wardrobe.

First, you need a basic suit which can fit for anything, even to work and for the evening dinner. It is best if you have 2 suit but having just one which is your favorite is good enough.

Second, your wardrobe is not complete without having a good pair of black pants. Black pants is suitable for all kinds of occasion and it must be long enough to pair up with heal but also not too long as you might not be able to wear it with flat heels.

Third, getting the right jeans that fits you. It is now easy to find fitting jeans for plus size ladies and pair it up with a comfortable top and shoes that can take you anywhere around looking stylish and comfortable at the same time. Experts suggest that ladies with plus size figure would look good in fuller cut, and a reminder that they should not be too loose in the seat or legs which might make you look flabby. Again, jeans go with everything. If you do not like wearing jeans, get khakis instead.

Fourth, never categorize plus size ladies as they are the same as regular size customer. They need a black dress as well to complete the wardrobe. Black dress goes with almost everything and it is all about decorating them with your accessories to enhance the whole look.

Fifth, another basic suit is a black blazer which should not be boxy. You can get one which will make your look professional or for dressy occasions, can also pair it up with jeans for casual occasions or as a jacket. A good blazer is worth your money.

Sixth, a good suit can never be perfect without a good pair of shoes. Get a black pair of shoe you love such as leather boots or beautiful heels. They go well with jeans, long skirts, slacks and even shorts. Well, a reminder that good looking shoes sometimes do not come comfortable, so if possible do get one which may cost a little bit more but it is worth the money and preventing your foot from getting hurt. Take care of your shoe as it might last for years and you do not have to keep buying them.

The best advice in having the best wardrobe is getting the right suit and fitting in them well. Personalize your style with the right colors and accessorize. There is always space in all the style you seek for. Besides, do invest a little more in getting good quality suit which will make your body comfortable and of course last longer. Good luck!(Carole Sowe).

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