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Wedding Suit Hire

Tips to Choose a Suit Hire
By Robert K Drewe

Hiring a suit can be a very convenient decision, especially if you do not have the time to wait for your suit to be tailored, and also if you do not wish to spend a lot on a suit that you don't expect to wear too often. Here are some tips to help you hire a suit.
Wedding Suit Hire
Check the range: Check, before you buy! Make sure that the suit hire service you go to have a sufficient range of suits for hire. If you intend to hire suits for different occasions on a regular basis, make sure they stock suits for various occasions and styles. Also remember to check if they also provide accessories like ties, shoes etc. on hire as well.

Check the waiting period: While most good formal wear hire services stock decent number, it is always good to book a suit in advance. Especially if you are looking to hire a suit for a wedding, you can book the suit a few weeks prior to the function, just so to avoid any last minute disappointments.

Mobile fitting, delivery and pick up: Check if your formal suit hire service provides these facilities as well. A mobile service for fitting, delivery and pick up is a very convenient option if you do not have the time to go yourself. Most suit hire services offer these services as well.

Payment terms and damage policy: Make sure you read the fine print carefully. Before hiring a suit, you need to be aware of any deposits that you need to keep, what is the late return policy, is your security deposit refundable, can you pay by credit card, what happens if the suit gets damaged etc. Make sure you know these points before you hire a suit.

Wedding Suit HireSuit hire services in Melbourne

If you are in Melbourne, Australia and looking to hire a suit; you'll find several options to hire from. Several suit stores also provide suit hire services.

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