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Introducing Emma Stine Jewelry. You know that I preach and preach about how important the right accessories are to finish off the perfect wedding day look. You can never go wrong with an amazing piece of bridal jewelry. The pieces are made in limited edition quantities, with new styles being introduced on a weekly basis. That assures that not every bride in every corner of the Earth will be wearing one of these amazing necklaces. That is always good news for a modern bride.

Emma Stine offers two collections: Fashion Jewelry and Gemstone Jewelry. The Fashion Jewelry collection is comprised of contemporary affordable jewelry, using a variety of metals, beads and crystals. The Gemstone Jewelry features beautiful classic styles created with luxurious materials such as 14k gold vermeil, sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones. The Fashion Jewelry Collection is priced from $18 - $70, while the Gemstone Jewelry Collection retails for $69 - $129. So the price is definitely right for selecting the perfect piece of modern wedding jewelry. Emma Stine is offered exclusively at Emma Stine.

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