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A Preview of Vintage Coats from the 1960s + 1970s

I spent the morning thrifting for more coats for the shop. It's so difficult to stock the shop up with outerwear because in California it hardly gets colder than 60 degrees. So whenever I see a thick furry coat I'm like "Oh goodness, it's so hot, I can't get that!" So, today I thrifted around and found a large furry red coat that reminds me of something Rachel Zoe might wear (it's faux fur!) and a couple of other vintage outerwear from the 60s and 70s. Again, a bit warm for Cali weather, but perfect for you gals living in Wintry climates!

I also found a couple little vintage dresses & a couple vintage satchel bags (debating on keeping one of them). Here's a sneak peek at the vintage coats!

{ Vintage Coats & Outerwear Preview }
vintagecoat vintagefauxfurcoat vintageleathercapevintagefauxfurcoat1

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