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I love shoes. I really love shoes. I really love it when a brand gets bridal shoes right because so many companies are focused on the dress. As a shoe feign, I feel like more emphasis should be focused on your beautiful wedding shoes. Wedding shoes add that special little pop to your outfit.

I was at a function during Bridal Market and I stopped these two very lovely ladies to warn them that I would be stalking them throughout the night for their gorgeous shoes. I knew these shoes felt familiar to me. Of course, they were reps for Aruna Seth. I almost lost it when they told me. I posted about them in several posts including this one, It's The Shoes: Aruna Seth.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to stop by their booth at the Pier but they let me know that what they had new in bridal shoes. Here you go! You have to just love them. You should be able to find your perfect pair of wedding shoes with Aruna Seth.

Wedding Shoes

For the Ski Resort Winter Brides

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