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Dressing Up Vintage: Vintage 1940s Fashion + Style Tips

Appropriate clothes gives us self-confidence and help us to make good impressions on other people.

Learn by discovering what are considered the proper costumes for typical occasions, by critically watching what other girls wear, and by dressing correctly every day. Learn what to wear to ball games, to parties, to church, and for travel. - from "Clothes for Girls" textbook written by Elizabeth Todd

These French girls are so chic, but of course!

What to Wear for Casual Wear for Street, Shops, Office, Business, & Travel
Dress - simple, conservative in color.
Shoes - Oxford or strap. Practical and low heel. Leather or reptile skins.
Hosiery- Sturdy cotton, rayon
Coats- simply cut and tailored.
Hat- Practical with brim
Gloves- Heavy leather, plain pull on.
Accessories- Leather purse, plain handkercief, only necessary jewelry.

40sfashion-1 1940s Accessories

Image Credits: 1.] French Women in the 1940s by Irene Adler, 2.] 1946 Mademoiselle by My Vintage Vogue, 3.] 1947 "Farmer's Market" Fashion by Silent Screen Queen, 4.] Vintage 1940s Accessories by Silent Screen Queen

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