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Vintage Fashion Styling: Paisley Mccollom by Caitlin Bellah

A few weeks ago I was asked to style a vintage fashion editorial with the wonderful Caitlin Bellah and Paisley McCollom from FORD. We shot close to a family pumpkin patch and farmer's market which resulted in some troubles for us as we were "guerrilla style" shooting (when you don't get permit) and got kicked out. (Oops!) But luckily we were able to get most of our shots in!

caitlinbellahshoot-1 caitlinbellahshoot-2 caitlinbellahshoot-4

I had such fun at the shoot! Paisley is currently one of the Forever21 models and told me a bit about what it was like working for them, she also shared how surreal it was to see giant posters of her face at Target when she had a campaign with them. I'm always a bit fascinated by stories like these, but mostly fascinated that when you meet these models in person, they're so normal and approachable, not at all like their glossy alter egos.

caitlinbellahshoot caitlinbellahshoot-3

If you're wondering why the vintage clothes look familiar... it's because most of the wardrobe is from my Adorevintage!

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