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Make it Memorable Monday: The Book of Love

Happy Monday morning my friends!

How was your weekend? The weather here was beautiful, a little crisp in the early mornings warming up to gorgeous Autumn days. Brisbane doesn't get much of the cooler months, and the Autumn/Spring usually lasts about 3 days as Summer extends it's long tentacles and starts really early.

But enough about the weather! Today's Make it Memorable idea is one for you and your true love. It's a little bit sappy and a lot sentimental, but that's the way I like it.

Each year my husband writes me a poem for Valentines Day. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes a bit naughty and always full of love. I have started to put these poems (13 of them and counting) into a scrapbook. When I am feeling glum or a little unloved (yes, don't we all have these times?!) then I take out my scrapbook and read some of the poems. It's a great way to reconnect. What I think would be better though, is if this were a two-way dialogue. Where I could add, in my not so poetic way, some words to him that mean something. SO this week's Make it Memorable Monday idea is the 'Book of Love'.

Allocate a special book, it could be a pretty one or just one that you have around, to be your Book of Love. Whenever the mood strikes take out your little pad and write a note, a love letter, a bit of poetry or just a word or two of thanks to your partner. When there's nothing new to add to the book, put it somewhere safe, but when you've added something to it, leave it out on your partners pillow. Encourage your partner to do the same (sometimes writing these kind of things can be a bit easier than saying them face-to-face). On your anniversary, bring out your Book of Love and read through the years entries and reminisce about the happy times.

What do you think? Is this something that you and your love could do? Something to help turn your love into long lasting memories?

Till next time

nb: the Book of Love concept has been taken from Make it Memorable by Robyn Freedman Spizman.

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