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Sunday Brunch Dress Shop: Favorite Vintage Inspired Dresses

I fell in love with a few of the dress at Sunday Brunch Dress and was even more smitten after reading their 'about' page. I completely 100% agree... I really love the designers they carry (Yoana Baraschi, Kloset, and Samantha Pleet to name a few), the selection isn't very big, but lots of lovely vintage inspired dresses.

Vintage inspired dresses

"Every woman writes her own story. So shouldn’t our own stories be the ones we love best? - That’s why we get excited opening up those old books, because now that old, loved story is about to become special to us, special in a slightly different, slightly new, way. - A dress is about savoring life, *our* lives. When we read a good story, we close our eyes and see the characters. The right dress can make us feel that way."

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