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Our Engagement Picture

Since my fiance' and I are planning a wedding many miles apart, one of the "miles apart" planning issues was deciding when and where to have our engagement pictures taken and which photographer to take them. We decided to have them taken when I was in New York visiting Craig and his family for Christmas. We chose Rich Anderson of Anderson Photography  in Binghamton, NY. He is a fantastic photographer and  I highly recommend him for any of you with photography needs in the upstate NY area. We decided on a traditional engagement portrait in his studio. We arrived to have our pictures made and when he began taking our picture, I noticed a movie poster on the wall facing us for "West Side Story", a favorite movie and musical of both mine and my late mother. On a day when I so wished my mother could have been there, what an amazing sign to receive that she was, in fact, there in spirit. I commented to Rich about the poster and he responded, "My parents grew up on NYC's West Side". I love our engagement portrait and I love the memory of the snowy NY day in December when it was taken.       

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