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Unique Vintage Gals Pick Their Royal Wedding Favorites

The gals over at Unique Vintage picked the dresses that they would wear if they were going to be a royal princess. What do you think?

From top left to right:
1. Maggie Sottero, 2. Maggie Sottero, 3. Allure Bridal, 4. Maggie Sottero, 5. Maggie Sottero, 6. Maggie Sotero.

From bottom left to right:
1. Maggie Sottero, 2. Maggie Sottero, 3. Maggie Sottero, 4. Maggie Sottero, 5. Fancy New York, 6. Fancy New York.

Unique Vintage items include 1920's flapper style dresses, 1930's inspired bias-cut red carpet dresses, 1950's style swing dresses and pin up bathing suits as well as 1960's style mod dresses.

For added bling, both modern day and vintage accessories are also available. Yet despite the influence of these indelible eras, Echerverry’s items all have a hip and timeless flair that are perfect for the modern fashionista...and are not available at your local department store!

Whether you’re looking for a knock ‘em dead party dress, a classic wedding gown or you simply desire to set yourself apart from the “off the rack” set, UniqueVintage.com beats sifting through flea markets for that perfect piece.

The Unique Vintage brick and mortar store is located at: 2013 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506

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