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My Wedding Inspiration: Mom's Butterfly Kisses

My mother so looked forward to my wedding day before she passed away in 2001 at age 49 after a courageous battle against kidney failure. She will not be there in person to see me marry the man of my dreams, Craig, as a June bride this year and do what I so wanted her to do, walk me down the aisle to give me away at my wedding.

We heard the song “Butterfly Kisses” at a sorority sister's wedding several months before she died and she told me after the wedding ceremony, while we were still in the church, that she felt like this time, this illness was one she wouldn’t be able to beat as she had done so many times before throughout my childhood. She told me she hoped that if she couldn’t be there in person on my wedding day, that I would always remember her “Butterfly Kisses”, because that was exactly how much she loved me.

My wedding inspiration for our theme will be butterflies in my wedding colors of pink and green, gently fluttering all over the place, just as she did in life spreading joy to so many people. I plan to lovingly craft lots of the butterflies myself, thanks to finding inspiration through Martha Stewart’s butterfly craft punch set.

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