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Vintage Interior Inspirations | The French Settee

It's one of those pieces of furniture that I dream about having, but realistically, probably won't have. But, who knows, I've been able to talk myself into getting things that aren't really sensible or practical but are just too pretty not to have. A French settee is one of those things.

It's frou frou furniture and sometimes I really love frou frou things. But the French settee isn't exactly a couch you can plop into to, punch the cushions for ideal head resting, and laze around for hours on (but maybe the latter is a good thing, no couch potato syndrome!)

Image Credits: 1.] French settee via Burcu Kilic on Pinterest, 2.] Domino Magazine via Small Expectations, 3.] Head Over Heels, 4.] Country Living, 5.] French Giltwood Canape 1stdibs.com, 6.] Design Manifest, 7.] Nuevo-Estilo.es

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